How many NFL records does Emmitt Smith have?

How many NFL records does Emmitt Smith have?

Smith broke the previous record held by Payton on October 27, 2002, after hitting a career rushing record of 18,355 yards. He also leads all NFL running backs with 164 rushing touchdowns and comes second to Jerry Rice with 175 total touchdowns.

How many games did Emmitt Smith miss in his career?

11 career games
He missed just 11 career games due to injury. Smith also accumulated a number of NFL postseason records, including rushing touchdowns (19), consecutive games with a rushing touchdown (nine) and 100-yard rushing games (seven).

What year did Emmitt Smith play for the Cowboys?

2003Arizona Cardinals
1990Dallas Cowboys1987Florida Gators football
Emmitt Smith/Dates joined

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How many seasons did Jim Brown play in the NFL?

nine seasons
Jim Brown was a superb craftsman whose primary job was to run with the football for the Cleveland Browns. For nine seasons, he did it better than any player before him. When he retired at the age of 30 at the peak of his career, he left behind a record book clogged with Jim Brown notations.

Who was the first running back to rush for 2000 yards?

O. J. Simpson
The first 2,000-yard season was recorded in 1973 by Buffalo Bills running back O. J. Simpson.

Is Jim Brown married?

Monique Brownm. 1997
Sue Brownm. 1959–1972
Jim Brown/Spouse

In 1986, Brown was arrested for assaulting his fiancée Debra Clark. Clark refused to press charges, though, and Brown was released. Brown married his second wife Monique Brown in 1997; they have two children.

How much is a Jim Brown rookie card worth?

How Much Is A Jim Brown Rookie Card Worth? Jim Brown’s official rookie card is his 1958 Topps #62 card. A mint copy of the card (PSA 9) is worth on average between $300,000 to $350,000.

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Who rushed for 3528 yards?

Clarke Hinkle attempted 1,171 rushes when rushing for 3,528+ yards in his career.

Will Chris Johnson be a Hall of Famer?

Johnson hopes that his career will one day be celebrated two hours west from Pittsburgh in Canton, Ohio, when he is eligible for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Johnson, who last played in 2017, will be eligible in 2023.

How many rushing titles does Emmit Smith have?

Cleveland Browns Hall of Famer Jim Brown won 8 rushing titles in nine seasons. O.J. Simpson and Emmitt Smith won four rushing titles in five seasons; Eric Dickerson won 4 in six seasons. Rushing titles with different teams Two players have won rushing titles with two different teams.

How many siblings did Emmitt Smith have?

Today Emmitt lives with his wife Pat in Dallas, Texas with their four children. The son of Mary and Emmitt Smith Jr., Emmitt has two sisters, Marsha and Connie, and three brothers, Erik, Emil and Emory.

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How many seasons did my three sons play?

My Three Sons. The series was a cornerstone of the ABC and CBS lineups in the 1960s. With 380 episodes produced, it is third only to The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (14 seasons, 1952-1966, 434 episodes) and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (13 seasons) as television’s longest-running live-action sitcom.

How long did Emmitt Smith play for the Cowboys?

Smith played thirteen seasons with the Cowboys and two with the Arizona Cardinals. While playing for Dallas, Smith plus quarterback Troy Aikman and wide receiver Michael Irvin were known as “The Triplets,” and they led their team to three Super Bowl championships during the 1990s.