How many IITians are repeaters?

How many IITians are repeaters?

Yet, as many as 61.9\% students who cracked IIT JEE and were selected by the IITs were repeaters (appearing for the exam for the second time). These statistics are certainly a great booster for students who fail to crack JEE exam in their first attempt.

Are most of the IITians droppers?

What percentage of IITians are droppers? – Quora. Well the answer to this varies from year to year.. But yes, you can consider that out of total number of successful aspirants, around 30 -40\% will be droppers..

How many people in IITs are droppers?

Careers360 analysed JEE Main marks of 7,01,297 freshers, 1,67,352 (1-year droppers) and 25,882 (2-year droppers) from the past years and figured out the outcome.

Are there any droppers in IIT?

By IIT Repeaters / Droppers is meant those students who have given the JEE before but have not secured a good enough rank or those who have passed Std. XII and wish to appear for JEE. The SURECRACK Program has produced a success rate of over 50\% in IIT each year since 2002.

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Why should you join Jee repeater courses?

Since class 12 th Board exams are over, so you only need to focus on your goal, i.e. JEE. It makes your brain fresh and gives you enough time to prepare for the same. Therefore, by joining JEE Repeater courses you can start with your exam preparation.

What is the percentage of year droppers in JEE?

Now a days if you want to secure a good rank in JEE you must have to join a coaching institute. If you are brilliant and hard worker coaching institute will award you up to 100\% scholarship. Almost 50\% of JEE crackers are a year droppers. This ratio remains in between 40:60 to 60:40.

What lessons did you learn as a dropper?

There were two important lessons I learnt in my journey as a dropper. One, to stick around till the end and not give up till the last minute. And two, when the time is hard don’t bow down to it but rather take it as a learning curve and try to fight it.

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How can I get admission in IITs and NITs through coaching?

As already stated by Rahul, If you desparate, of JOINING IITs or NITs then you may enroll yourself in any of good coaching centre, near to your college (You may look at their WEEKEND BATCHEs) & if it is seeming difficult then at least take admission in FIITJEE RSM (Study Materials+AITS) & start doing their modules, strictly from the next day.