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How effective is detention in school?

How effective is detention in school?

Despite its popularity, very little research has been conducted on its effective- ness. What little research there is suggests that detention, particularly lunch detention, can be effective for some students; especially those who are not likely to repeatedly break school rules.

Are detentions useful?

Detentions led Group 2’s behaviour to improve, but they seemed to make Group 3’s behaviour worse. Not only were detentions and suspensions ineffective, they “may have served as rewards both for students and for teachers (Atkins et al., 2002, p. 368).” So sanctions work for some students, and really don’t help others.

What is education detention?

The no-detention policy in education (NDP) is a policy under the Right to Education Act, which deems that no student should be failed or barred from school until they complete their elementary education. This covers classes 1 through 8. It means that children will inevitably be promoted to the next class.

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Why are detentions given?

Reasons for detentions (starting with the most logical and useful) can include: Failure to complete homework or classwork. Poor attendance. Persistent lateness/lack of punctuality.

Why do teachers give detention to students?

“The detention often gives the teacher time with the pupil to talk about how they got the detention, how to avoid it in the future and the opportunity to mend any fences,” she said. “It can also give the young person an opportunity to talk to the teacher about anything they may be worried about.

How effective is a detention?

A detention where the teacher makes the child write out lines, or some other activity that has no bearing on the problem and does not cause the student to reflect on the effect of their behaviour is much less likely to be effective. It will work for some students, simply because they do not want to waste time on similar detentions in the future.

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What is detdetention and how does it affect students?

Detention can affect students in different ways – some take it seriously while other just don’t care. So teachers could use this time to help students with their problems. It is crucial that students understand why they are being punished.

How do I manage detentions in lessons?

Lessons that end at break times work well for giving detentions if necessary, as you can easily retain the students when the bell rings. If you do assign detentions for the next day or at a later time, then pencil those into your diary – this will serve both as a useful reminder and as a record of who’ve you’ve given detentions to and how often.