How do you use aside in a sentence?

How do you use aside in a sentence?

Examples of aside in a Sentence He elbowed people aside as he moved through the crowd. He took her aside to speak to her privately. Someone grabbed him and pulled him aside. Noun She made a joke about the food in a muttered aside to her husband.

Is aside from a correct English?

Aside from means the same as apart from. This form is more usual in American English.

What is aside to in email?

This is a polite way to announce to everyone on the email chain that the sender has included a new person. an aside mail : sounds ok , but “aside” may be taken to mean “unrelated” a fork mail : sounds ok & weird at the same time.

How do you use aside from that?

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aside from ​Definitions and Synonyms

  1. except for. Aside from hanging about in the street, there’s nothing for kids to do here.
  2. used for saying that something exists, is true, or happens in addition to something else. He’d eaten half a loaf of bread, and that was aside from the sandwich he’d had earlier.

What is aside in English literature?

An aside is a dramatic and literary device used in literature and media that gives the audience a glimpse into the character’s thoughts. Asides can provide helpful context for scenes without interrupting the pace of the narrative. Here are some other purposes that an aside can serve in literature.

What does put aside mean?

Definition of put aside 1 : to save or keep (something, such as money) to be used at a later time She’s been putting aside some money for a vacation. It’s time to put aside our differences and start working together.

Is it aside or a side?

a•side /əˈsaɪd/ adv. on or to one side; sideways:She put her book aside and got up.

What is the difference between beside and aside?

1 Expert Answer The preposition “beside” indicates a position next to or near someone or something. She sat beside him. When spelled with an “s” as “besides” can also mean “in addition to” or “moreover” or “aside from.” This makes is a synonym with the phrase “aside from.”

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What is the synonym of aside?

In this page you can discover 57 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for aside, like: alongside, to the side, on one side, to one side, at-rest, out, by the side of, monodrama, by-oneself, away from some position and apart. More Articles.

What is aside in literature?

In a story or play, a character may turn to the audience to make an observation or quippy remark that the other characters can’t hear. This act is referred to as an aside in literature.

What is an example of aside in literature?

Playwrights use aside as a technique for a character to speak lines that the audience can hear, but the other characters on stage are not aware. Examples of Aside: Juliet: [Aside] Villain and he be many miles asunder.

What is the meaning of Aside from?

Definition of aside from. 1 chiefly US : in addition to : besides Aside from being well written, the book is also beautifully illustrated. 2 chiefly US : except for Aside from us, there were only a half dozen people there. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about aside from.

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Is it rude to say ‘aside’ to someone?

No. An ‘aside’ is a remark or statement that is not meant for everyone present to hear (e.g. someone walks into a room wearing an ugly shirt, and I whisper to you ‘Wow, that shirt is ugly!’ without the person in the shirt hearing me say that).

What is another word for to take someone aside?

Synonyms: to one side, away, alone, separately More Synonyms of aside. 2. adverb [ADVERB after verb] If you take or draw someone aside, you take them a little way away from a group of people in order to talk to them in private.

What does Aside from 1 chiefly US mean?

Definition of aside from 1 chiefly US : in addition to : besides Aside from being well written, the book is also beautifully illustrated. 2 chiefly US : except for Aside from us, there were only a half dozen people there.