How do you draw MegaMan?

How do you draw MegaMan?

Steps Go to Google. Type in “Elec Man Mega Man” You will probably find his official pose. Click it. Once you find the pose, get a piece of paper and a pencil. If you draw Robot Masters often, get a small pile of paper, and keep your pencil sharpener with you. Draw the mask first and then draw the head. But don’t add the face yet!

How do you draw Super Saiyan?

To draw super Saiyan Goku, start by sketching the outline of the head, including the jaw and ears. Next, add hair by drawing a few layers of wavy spikes and bangs on top of his head, and add hairlines inside the spikes for detail.

How to draw Spiderman step by step?

1) To draw a spiderman head draw an inverted oval or egg shape. Draw this shape with very thin and light lines. 2) Draw 2 intersecting lines to divide the face into 2 parts which will help you draw eyes and mouth in the right place. 3) Draw the spiderman facial mask eyes using the horizontal line as a guideline. Both eyes must be on both sides of the verticle line. 4) Darken the eyes mask in proper shape, extend the shoulder on both sides of the head and erase all extra lines. 5) Draw a horizontal line all over the head from the center of eyes, lines are close in the center going apart as moving outside. 6) Draw verticle lines in the circular pattern forming the web pattern. 7) Draw a shadow on the left side of the shoulder and your superhero head is ready.

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How to draw superheros?

1) Sketch the head Our superhero drawing starts very simply. Draw a small circle for the head. 2) Sketch the chin Keep drawing the head. Add two straight lines just touching the sides of the head circle for the sides of our face. 3) Draw the face Now it is time to give our superhero a friendly face. 4) Sketch the base body shapes Here comes the fun part – our superhero needs a super body! 5) Add arms and legs Keep building your superhero’s body by adding some really simple arms and legs. 6) Sketch forearms and feet Finish off the legs by adding some feet – again made from simple triangles. 7) Finish the sketch with hands and hair Our superhero drawing is almost done – he just needs a pair of hands and some hair. 8) Final details