How do you deal with insulting relatives?

How do you deal with insulting relatives?

Have a frank discussion and let her know how her behavior is affecting you and the rest of the family.

  1. Take a deep breath before and during the confrontation.
  2. Remember people who are rude may be in denial or become defensive.
  3. Use “I-statements”, to express how you feel rather than starting a statement with “you”.

How do you deal with being shunned by a family?

“Shunning is cruel, unnecessary and pointless,” she says. Don’t mistake it as a break from the abuse — and don’t let the bully get away with it. Instead, keep speaking to the bully at family functions, including him or her as best you can and ignoring the fact that they’re pretending to ignore you.

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What should you do when someone insults you?

More generally, if you respect the person who has insulted you, you ought, instead of getting angry or upset, to give thought to the insult and learn as much as you can from it.

How to deal with rude people?

Dealing with Rude People – Personality Development Tips. 1 Stay Calm. Well, now we’re going to talk about, what you can actually do or how you can actually respond to insults. Now responding to an insult is 2 Express, How you exactly feel. 3 Simply Ignore. 4 Use Humour. 5 Report Insults.

Is angryanger a good response to insults?

Anger is a weak response, and this for three main reasons: It shows that we take the insult, and therefore the insulter, seriously. It suggests that there may be some truth in the insult. It upsets and destabilizes us, which, apart from being unpleasant, can invite further insults.

Is it OK to return an insult?

Returning the insult also risks injuring the insulter (who, in all probability, is fairly fragile) and inviting further attacks. The witty put-down does have a place, but only among friends, and only to add to the merriment. And it ought to be followed by a token of reconciliation such as a toast or a pat on the shoulder.