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How do I stop Congratulations popping up on LinkedIn?

How do I stop Congratulations popping up on LinkedIn?

Under the Channels section, click Change next to Notifications on LinkedIn. In the Notifications settings page, under On LinkedIn, click a category to see the types of notification settings you can manage. Switch the toggle On or Off to the right of the notification you want to manage.

What happens when you click say congrats on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn even goes one step further and suggests you “Say congrats.” With just a click, you can easily send a quick message to your connection or “like” their accomplishment. Why is this commendable? Recognition is good for the brain as the act gives pleasure to the giver and receiver.

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How do you turn off change notifications on LinkedIn?

Scroll toward the bottom of the page to the header “How Others See Your Linkedin Activity,” and look for the option that says “Share job changes, education changes, and work anniversaries from profile.” On the right, click the option “change.” You’ll see a small pop-up that will let you check or uncheck a box that …

How do I collapse a message in LinkedIn?

To enable auto-open or auto-minimize for new conversations in pop-up chat windows:

  1. Click the Settings icon at the top of the conversation window.
  2. Select Auto-open new conversations or Auto-minimize new conversations, depending on which option was previously enabled.

Should you respond to congrats on LinkedIn?

This might mean just a little more work for you, but it will pay off! Tips to sending an authentic congratulations on LinkedIn: Still respond to the LinkedIn prompt, but make it appropriate to that person.

Should I congratulate on LinkedIn?

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Whether it’s congratulating someone on a new role or requesting a connection with someone, avoid generic messages. While LinkedIn does often pre-populate message fields, you will get a whole lot further with your networking efforts if you take some time to personalize your correspondence.

What is a push notification on LinkedIn?

Updates You May Have Missed sends push notifications to your Android mobile device to notify you of any updates you may not yet have seen within the LinkedIn mobile app. You can turn this setting off from the LinkedIn mobile app on Android devices: Tap your profile picture.

Why do I get notifications from LinkedIn?

Your connections will receive notifications for nearly anything of note that you change on your profile, including changes to your job title, education, and profile picture. However, your connections will also be notified if you follow a company on LinkedIn or when you make recommendations.