How did Zaheer learn airbending so quickly?

How did Zaheer learn airbending so quickly?

since a group such as the ORL couldn’t get an actual airbender to do it, zaheer probably mastered all the forms and stuff, kinda like the avatar aang fan club/air acolytes in preparation for this, and so when he actually got airbending, he saw it as vindication that their mission was right, and was able to actually …

How was Zaheer able to Airbend so well?

Shortly after the end of Book Two, Zaheer attains the power of Airbending due to Harmonic Convergence and quickly escapes his imprisonment. The Red Lotus arrives at the Northern Air Temple where they capture Tenzin, his family, and the new Airbenders, though not without Tenzin putting up a ferocious fight first.

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Is Zaheer The most powerful airbender?

Zaheer gave Korra the fight of her life, causing her trauma from which she did not recover for years. He held his own against multiple opponents, including multiple bending masters and the Avatar herself. Besides the Avatar, Zaheer was easily the most powerful airbender that the world had seen in a long time.

Is Zaheer a better airbender than Tenzin?

Tenzin as an airbender was superior even to Aang, and the only Airbenders known to be superior to him are Zaheer after unlocking flight and Guru Laghima, inventor of flight.

How did Harmonic Convergence give Airbending?

Reason for Air bending being gained after Harmonic Convergence THEORY. It is stated the air bending population was the lowest of eny nation. The airbending allele is recessive outside of their own people, this is because air is the most spiritual element and the entrance to the spirit world was closed.

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How strong is Bolin?

Bolin’s abilities quickly surpassed that of Ghazan, due in part to his quicker style of bending. It allowed Bolin to become even more dangerous against his opponents, and arguably let Bolin outclass every Metalbender alive (since lava melts metal).

Why is Zaheer so obsessed with airbending?

Zaheer was a master martial artist obsessed with airbending. It was logical for him to assume that he would never be an airbender, so he learned martial arts. Supposedly, airbending is based on the Chinese martial arts style Baguazhang, which emphasizes circular movements.

How did Zaheer become so powerful?

Zaheer studied air nomadic culture when he was younger for inspiration and was already a master combatant without bending so much so he was seen as one of the most deadly men in the world by the White Lotus. Zaheer didn’t learn traditional air bending like Tenzin but instead incorporated his bending into his own fighting style.

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What martial arts does Zaheer learn in one piece?

The best answer I can come up with is that Zaheer, being the complete airbender fanboy that he is, mastered the kung-fu style of airbending (the real life counterpart I cannot name at this moment) while he was still a non-bender. He also studied the philosophy of air nomad society.

How did Zaheer escape from Ghazan’s prison?

Zaheer managed to disguise himself as a White Lotus member and stole a speedboat, which he used to make his way to Ghazan’s prison. There, he fought off White Lotus sentries and supplied his friend with a few rocks to help him escape.