How did Tom Riddle lose his face?

How did Tom Riddle lose his face?

He lost his looks in the process of gaining immorality. He lost his nose as a sacrifice for immortality, such an immoral deed of tearing ones’ souls into pieces made him a little less human and so he lost his human features and developed reptilian features (like snakes who have slits in place of an actual nose).

What do we know about Tom Riddle?

As mentioned in the first chapter of the seventh book, he also has no hair or lips. Earlier in life, as seen through flashbacks contained in the second and sixth books, Tom Marvolo Riddle was handsome and tall with pale skin, jet black hair, and dark brown eyes. He could charm many people with his looks.

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What is Tom Riddle’s favorite animal?

Ps, I’m sitting in a middle of a grass field so your owls won’t smash anything.” My favorite food is REVENGE, A DISH BEST SERVED COLD! My favorite animal is a snake, because obviously. My favorite subject is Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Was Tom Riddle a prefect?

Dumbledore did not make Tom Riddle Prefect, Dumbledore was the Transfiguration teacher and the Headmaster was Armando Dippet. Now, Dumbledore was headmaster when Draco and Lucius Malfoy were made prefects.

When was Tom Riddle born?

Tom Marvolo Riddle (December 31 1926- May 2 1998) he is also known as Lord Voldemort. He was born on New Years Eve 1926 in an orphanage in London. His mother, Merope Gaunt, the direct decendent of Salazar Slytherin, the founder of the Slytherin House, died shortly after his birth.

What is Tom Riddle to Voldemort?

Tom Marvolo Riddle (31 December, 1926 – 2 May, 1998), later known as Lord Voldemort, was a half-blood wizard and considered to be the most powerful Dark Wizard of all time. He was the son of wealthy Muggle Tom Riddle Sr., and witch Merope Gaunt, who died shortly after childbirth.

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Who is Tom Riddle mother?

Tom Marvolo Riddle/Lord Voldemort: Born of a witch mother (Merope Gaunt) and a Muggle father (Tom Riddle, Sr.) on December 31, 1926. His mother had fallen in love with his father, who was a Muggle, and tricked him into marrying her with a love potion.