How can I recover account without phone number or recovery email?

How can I recover account without phone number or recovery email?

Go to the Gmail sign in page at and after entering your e-mail address click the “Forgot password? link. Go directly to the start of the recovery process at

How do I find my old password?

The Complete Guide to Finding Long-Lost Passwords Hiding Anywhere

  1. Search your web browsers.
  2. Search for files on your computer’s hard drive.
  3. Collect passwords from your mobile device.
  4. Search through cloud-based services (Google Drive, Evernote, etc.)
  5. Search images and PDFs.
  6. Search your email inboxes.

How can I see my old passwords in Chrome?

Open Chrome and go to Settings > Advanced > Passwords and forms > Manage passwords. In the ‘Saved Passwords’ list, you can click on the symbol next to your password and select ‘Details’. In the following pop-up you will be able to view the password for that site or login.

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How can I get into an old email account?

Recovering Old Email Accounts Most email providers have a way for you to recover access to your account. Many email providers support a way to send a recovery link to a predesignated email address or phone number. When you click this link, you can select a new password and log back into your account.

Can you show me my saved passwords?

Select “Settings” near the bottom of the pop-up menu. Locate and tap on “Passwords” partway down the list. Within the password menu, you can scroll through all of your saved passwords.

How do I find my email password on my iPad?

Go to Settings>Mail>Accounts, select the account you need to change, then tap on the email address, and you have access to the account there, including password.

How do I backup and restore passwords in Chrome?

Step 1: Open Chrome://flags in your Chrome. Step 2: Find Password Import and Export option, select Enabled from the drop-down box, and then restart the Chrome browser. Step 3: Now, open Chrome://settings/passwords page. Step 4: Click on Export button to export/backup saved passwords.

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How do I recover an unsaved Chrome password?

How can i save an unsaved password? The easiest way is to log out and log back in again. Google will offer to save the password each time until you say yes, or tell it to never save the password for that login screen.

How can I recover my old Gmail password?

Gmail’s Standard Recovery Procedure

  1. Head to the Gmail sign-in page and click the “Forgot Password” link.
  2. Enter the last password you remember. If you can’t remember one, click “Try a different question.”
  3. Enter the secondary email address you used when you set up your Gmail account to get a password reset email.

Is there any other way to recover my lost or stolen password?

There is no other way. For lost passwords, if applicable, check the password managers in your browser, or installed on your device. If you find your password; probably all good, no further assistance should be required. Otherwise, proceed as follows. Account Recovery (“AR”) is the ONLY way to recover the account.

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How do I recover my Facebook account without email and phone number?

How to recover your Facebook account without email and phone number To recover your Facebook account without email and phone number, you need to navigate to the “Report Compromised Account” page. On the page, you’ll be able to reset your password by providing your old password.

How do I recover my Google account without a mobile number?

Google does, however, require you to complete at least one of these security measures – so if you don’t have a recovery mobile number, you will have a backup address or security question. The page will ask you to enter your email. Do this, and then press ‘Next’.

How do I recover my Google account if I forgot password?

Since you don’t remember the password of your account, click on the “Forgot password” button instead. Now, Google will simply ask you to submit the recovery email ID that would be used to reset your account. Simply enter the complete email address and log-in to your recovery account after that.