How can I increase my blog followers?

How can I increase my blog followers?

Following are 20 proven strategies that can help you boost readership and increase traffic to your blog.

  1. Write more.
  2. Promote with social media.
  3. Write better titles.
  4. Know your niche.
  5. Include photos.
  6. Incorporate keywords.
  7. Incorporate links.
  8. Add social sharing buttons.

What are WordPress followers?

Followers – WordPress users had followed your site or blog post, so they will follow your blogs. When someone follow your blogs, they can see your posts in their News Feed. It will automatically follow people who you’re friends with.

What is a social follower on WordPress?

Team: People currently added to your site with a user role, such as Administrators, Editors, and Contributors. Followers: A list of people currently following your site. Email Followers: A list of people who are subscribed to your blog via email only. They may or may not have a account.

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How do I get subscribers to my WordPress blog?

This article will offer seven things you can now do to get more email subscribers to your WordPress site.

  1. Add a subscribe bar to the top of your WordPress site.
  2. Use a pop-up subscribe form.
  3. Spin it to win it!
  4. Turn your blog commenters into email subscribers.
  5. Utilize downloads within your content.

How to get more followers on WordPress?

How to Get More Followers Using WordPress. 1 Go to your WordPress Reader ( 2 Look to the left and click “Tags”. 3 Click “add”. 4 Type in a term that you’d like to read about such as “life,” “blogs”. 5 Go through each blog, find something that interests you and comment, like, or share the heck out of it!

How to increase traffic on your WordPress blog?

Reader or visitors always love fresh and unique content all the time. This is one of the most effective tips to adopt if you want to increase traffic on your WordPress blog. Posting quality content help you to give your visitor a reason to visit again and subscribe to your website.

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How can I increase my blog’s following?

Over the course of three years, it took me about 2 1/2 years to get that the way to increase your following is as simple as finding and interacting with other people. All I do is find other people’s blogs and interact. Sometimes, that means leaving a comment. Sometimes I give a like. Other times I share their posts.

How to add social media sharing buttons in WordPress?

WordPress provide different plugins with the help of these plugins you can install social media sharing buttons. The common trendy plugin is ShareThis and other are Flare, Shareaholic, Pin it Button. 2. Add a newsletter signup form – Get More WordPress Traffic