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How can I get original graduation certificate from ignou?

How can I get original graduation certificate from ignou?

In case you didnt get degree certificate delivered at your home, no problem, go to ignou office at maidan garhi, delhi and show id card given by university and ask for your degree certificate. They will check your details and provide your degree certificate.

How much time does it take for ignou degree?

Original certificate takes around nine months to reach your destination if you have indicated correct postal- address.

Can I get my ignou degree certificate online?

Such students can apply online at to receive their degree. “The certificates of eligible students of master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, postgraduate diploma and diploma programmes have been forwarded to their regional centre/regional centre opted by the students.

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How can I track my IGNOU degree?

Generally, the student has no need to track their marksheet status for June 2021 & December 2020 because the IGNOU head office will be sent your provisional marksheet and certificate to your address by post. If your address is correctly updated with IGNOU then you will get documents via post.

How much time does it take for IGNOU to issue mark sheet?

More or less, IGNOU will take 15 to 30 days to issue the mark sheet to the students. In some cases, IGNOU will take 10 to 12 months to provide the mark sheet to the students. Also, There may be delay from Post. To one side from this, the students can know about their mark sheet dispatch status online.

How can I get my degree certificate from IGNOU?

The students have to pay demand draft in favor of IGNOU to get the certificate. The students must attend their convocation to get their degree certificate and IGNOU mark sheet from IGNOU.

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What to do if IGNOU takes a long time to deliver?

If IGNOU took a longer time to deliver your marksheet or certificate to your address then you can now raise a request or complaint at or you can also contact the concerned authority by emailing at [email protected] or [email protected].

When will the IGNOU annual exam be conducted?

Indira Gandhi National and Open University will be conducted the annual exam in the month of June and December. The exam board of IGNOU will be released the exam results for all courses in different day. The students can check their exam results from the official site.