Does Tobirama still hate the Uchiha?

Does Tobirama still hate the Uchiha?

Tobirama Senju Even though he disagreed with his father’s strict nature and wanted peace like his older brother, but Tobirama was more pragmatic and chose ‘clearing’ conflicts with the Uchiha Clan for a peace — hard to believe in them because of Hatred Curse.

Why Tobirama is a bad Hokage?

So the first thing Tobirama did bad as a hokage was to move the Uchiha clan. Fearing that the Uchiha would plot a coup since Hashirama was dead he moved the Uchiha out of the village because he Thought that the villagers feared the Uchiha clan so he moved them to a place where they could watch their every move.

Why did Tobirama hate Uchiha so much?

This is an ubiquitous misconception in Naruto franchise. Tobirama never held a personal grudge against Uchiha, as he literally stated in front of Sasuke. Despite the manga plots, readers assumed Tobirama had a prejudice against Uchiha, because he politically kept Uchiha away from Konoha and spread the propaganda that Uchiha possessed evil power.

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What happened to the Uchiha clan in Naruto?

The Uchiha clan massacre. The Uchiha Clan Downfall ( うちは一族滅亡, Uchiha Ichizoku Metsubō ), also called the Uchiha Incident ( うちはの事件, Uchiha no Jiken ), was the massacre of the Uchiha clan by Itachi and — unbeknownst to most — a man claiming to be Madara Uchiha .

Why did Tobirama’s Sharingan awaken?

In this case, from Tobirama’s speculation, each time when an Uchiha ninjia awakened his/her Sharingan, it was either because he/she killed someone or because he/she faced inevitable accidents. In other words, Tobirama seldom realized there could be a positive exception when it came to Sharingan’s power.

How did the Uchiha plot to overthrow the Hokage?

As such, the Uchiha — led by Fugaku Uchiha — began planning a coup d’état to overthrow the Konoha leadership. In preparation for the coup, the Uchiha started inserting its members within Konoha’s command structure to act as spies. Itachi was placed in the Anbu, the direct arm of the Hokage.