Does Sprint overcharge?

Does Sprint overcharge?

“Sprint has admitted that for a six-year period it overcharged every customer, on every line in the city limits of Omaha to the tune of nearly 300,000 dollars,” said Commissioner Crystal Rhoades, District 2.

Does Sprint have hidden fees?

Does Sprint have overage charges or hidden fees? Sprint charges government taxes and a couple of surcharges on every monthly bill. That’s normal for a major provider.

What does Sprint surcharges mean?

Those are surcharges. Taxes on your bill are legally mandated to be collected from customers. Surcharges are costs that are not included in the plan and are not direct taxes. In the case of some taxes, Sprint is required to pay them to the government but is then allowed to recoup those costs from consumers.

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What is the administrative fee on my Sprint bill?

Like AT, Sprint has raised the “administrative fee” it tacks on to the bills of its wireless customers, according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal. Users on Reddit and other forums report seeing the fee increase — from $1.99 to $2.50 per month — on their bills as early as March of this year.

Can I sue Sprint for overcharging me?

By suing in small claims you are agreeing to waive any amount over the maximum amount you can sue for, even if you are owed more. For example, if Sprint owes you $11,000, and you decide to sue in small claims, you are waiving suing for an additional $1,000.

How do I get a hold of Sprint customer service?

This section supports personal wireless customers only.

  1. Support Help:
  2. Chat:
  3. Social Customer Care:
  4. Sprint Customer Service phone number: 888-211-4727. If troubleshooting your Sprint phone, please contact us from a different phone.
  5. Postal Mail:
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How can I get Sprint to lower my bill?

Steps to lower your Sprint bill

  1. Get your latest statement and do some research.
  2. Call or chat online with Sprint.
  3. Access your account by providing your pin.
  4. Remove features on your plan that you’re not using.
  5. Negotiate a lower rate for your bill.
  6. Request one time credits.
  7. Get a reference number.

How bad is Sprint coverage?

Overall, Sprint has the worst coverage of all four major carriers. Sprint’s 4G network reaches only 30\% of the country. Sprint coverage is especially bad in rural areas. Along with having the worst network coverage, Sprint also falls behind its competitors when it comes to network speed.

Why is Sprint charging me an upgrade fee?

A $30/line Upgrade Support Charge is applied whenever an employee assists a customer with upgrading to and activating a new device. The Upgrade Support Charge does not apply to customers who upgrade and activate a new device through an unassisted channel, like or the MySprint app.

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Why does T Mobile charge an upgrade fee?

T-Mobile is increasing the fee they charge when you upgrade a phone or add a line with a support rep. The “ASC”, or Assisted Support Charge, is a fee charged when a customer adds a line using a support representative. This will benefit customers purchasing online, who will no longer have to pay $10 per device.

How do I get Sprint activation fee waived?

How to Get Sprint to Waive Activation Fees

  1. Order Your Phone on
  2. Find a Carrier Switch Promotion.
  3. Use an Organizational Member Discount.
  4. Contact Sprint to Request Waiver.
  5. Get Refund for Canceled Order.

Can Sprint take money from my bank account?

3 attorney answers It is a violation of the Electronic Funds Transaction Act (“EFTA”) to withdraw money from a bank account without written permission to do so.