Does BCG hire data scientist?

Does BCG hire data scientist?

We are seeking strong candidates with advanced analytics backgrounds to fill positions in data science consulting. We recruit candidates directly from universities, and we also look for professionals with experience managing analytics or engineering teams at leading corporations or at analytics services firms.

Is it hard to get hired by BCG?

The second largest of the prestigious “MBB” (McKinsey, The BCG, or Bain & Company), Boston Consulting Group is one of the most selective of the Top 3 consulting firms, just behind McKinsey, using a rigorous and challenging hiring process.

Is working at BCG prestigious?

How Prestigious is McKinsey, BCG and Bain? McKinsey, Bain and BCG (the Big Three or MBB) are by far the most prestigious consulting firms – as surveyed by Vault in 2020.

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Is it hard to get BCG internship?

However, as BCG is one of the three most prestigious consulting firms in the industry, landing an internship is highly competitive….Step 1: Build up Skills, Qualifications and Experience.

College/University BCG
University of Michigan 5\%
University of Pennsylvania 4\%
New York University 3\%

What does a director of data science do at BCG?

Lead Data Scientists and Associate Directors. Lead data scientists and Associate Directors work closely with BCG partners to drive our company’s growth. They are expected to be recognized experts in data science and to manage teams of data scientists in order to build innovative new products and analytics solutions.

What is the difference between BCG Gamma and generalist consulting?

GAMMA consultant roles and generalist consultant roles align in many ways; the main difference is the focus on data science topics within GAMMA versus a broad range of topics within generalist consulting. How does BCG GAMMA’s internship program work?

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What is bcbcg gamma?

BCG GAMMA provides many opportunities for teams at different levels of seniority to work abroad on a particular case or to work in one of our GAMMA hubs for an extended period. When and how will my performance be evaluated?

How does BCG Gamma’s internship program work?

How does BCG GAMMA’s internship program work? Our internship program is a chance for you to learn about BCG GAMMA and for us to learn more about you. Our internships are generally two to three months in duration, but can vary from a few weeks to six months, depending on the role and location.