Do you have to pay to be a trainee at JYP?

Do you have to pay to be a trainee at JYP?

You don’t get paid. Trainees aren’t paid to train. Trainees do (depending on the agency) receive daily funds to use for meals, although JYPE provides trainees with a well-stocked cafeteria, which is funded by JYP himself. You will not get paid to be a trainee.

How long are idols usually trainees?

The life as a trainee is known to be a difficult one with the tight schedules as a result of this some give up on their dreams to become a kpop idol. The average training period for a trainee is 2 to 4 years. After training for a while there’s a chance that the trainee may debut. However not all trainees debut.

Who is the youngest trainee in JYP?

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Gyujin is the last new girl and the youngest trainee. She was known before from being in a dance company before and that’s really all that’s known. Nothing else. Sixteen with JYP season two is happening.

What can I upload to the JYP online audition?

You can upload a video or audio file when applying for the JYP Online Audition. Show us everything you’ve got, from singing, rapping, dancing, to acting. Must I upload all picture, video and audio files?

How do I become a K-Pop Idol?

You have to be hard-working and willing to train hard since it is not easy balancing K-pop training and your studies. By the time you debut you must be able to speak fluent Korean although it’s ok at the time you are scouted or auditioned for you do not know how to speak Korean but you will have as soon as you get there.

What kind of Dance can I do in the JYP dance competition?

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Self-choreographed dance, cover dance, hip-hop, b-boy, popping, locking etc. (No restrictions in genre) The finalists will be offered an opportunity to participate in the special training system of JYP Entertainment.

How do I become a trainee?

I will advise anyone who wish to become a trainee to take lessons in the part or several parts of the category which they will be auditioning. For example if you aren’t selected in rapping, you can try singing if they allow you to. If you are doing an online audition, say dancing, you need to record as much time as needed to get the perfect video.