Do people with bipolar disorder have a higher IQ?

Do people with bipolar disorder have a higher IQ?

They found that 12 risk genes for bipolar disorder were also linked to intelligence. In 75 \% of these genes, bipolar disorder risk was associated with higher intelligence. In schizophrenia, there was also a genetic overlap with intelligence, but a higher proportion of the genes was associated with cognitive impairment.

Does bipolar Eat your brain?

A study by researchers at the San Francisco VA Medical Center indicates that people with bipolar disorder may suffer progressive brain damage.

Why does bipolar shorten life expectancy?

Possible reasons for the decrease in longevity are many. The most obvious are the rate of high-risk behaviors, unhealthy lifestyle, and suicide experienced by many with bipolar disorder. Oxidative stress, which inhibits cell growth and replenishment, can also be a culprit.

Does your gifted child suffer from mood disorders?

These traits are often found in children with depression, especially those with bipolar disorder. Symptoms like mood swings, irritability, and difficulties with temper control do not necessarily mean that a gifted child suffers from a mood disorder, but they should likely lead to consultation with an experienced child psychiatrist.

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What is an example of intellectual giftedness?

Intellectual giftedness may be general or specific. For example, an intellectually gifted person may have a striking talent for mathematics, but not have equally strong language skills. Intellectual giftedness is not the only form of talent.

What is a gifted person with a high IQ like?

IQ measures your potensial. You cant be called gifted until you use that potensial to excel at something. And to be good at something you must be highly motivated. So I would say a gifted person is not just a person with a high IQ but someone that is also highly motivated and determined to succeed at something.

How do you know if your child is gifted or gifted?

Gifted children may learn to read early and operate at the same level as normal children who are significantly older. The gifted tend to demonstrate high reasoning ability, creativity, curiosity, a large vocabulary, and an excellent memory. They can often master concepts with few repetitions.