Do INTJs take things too seriously?

Do INTJs take things too seriously?

Are INTJ taking things too seriously? – Quora. Yes, sometimes. A lot of the times. It’s actually fun for us in a way, we enjoy doing things right and doing things well, and that often involves taking it seriously.

How do INTJ come across?

In communication INTJs usually come across as well thought out and to the point. Despite their introversive attitude, when they have something they find profoundly interesting, like an idea or project of some sort, their enthusiasm about it may become quite “contagious” and can spread to those around them.

Are INTJs Rule Breakers?

It’s not that INTJs are outright rule-breakers, they just need to know why certain rules exist before taking them seriously. INTJs’ logical minds are always at work, and they aren’t afraid to question tradition.

Why do intjs take things so seriously?

As a result, INTJs often wear a serious expression that other people mistake for tension, worry, or distress. This manifests differently for men and women. As a young man, I was often asked if I was angry or told not to be “so serious.” It was fertile ground for people to jokingly pick on me.

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Are INTJ’s full of contradictions?

The truth is that INTJs are full of contradictions. Our personality traits often seem as though work against one another to those observing us. When in reality, it’s what makes us so unique. But you don’t see contradictory personality traits often and it’s only us rare bunch that earn the type of INTJ.

Do INTJ’s make bad leaders?

It’s not that INTJs would make poor leaders but they lack the desire to stand up in front of people and give orders or lead by example. But that may also be part of the reason they make some of the best leaders around. The contradiction in this sense is very rare, but also highly valuable.

What is an INTJ personality type like?

Your INTJ is likely to come equipped with: Basically, if you cross a samurai style code of honor with the idealism of Gandhi and then give it imposter syndrome, you have a working model of the INTJ’s emotional core. (In personality type theory, this is known as our underdeveloped “Introverted Feeling” or Authenticity function .)

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