Do flight attendants and pilots need visas?

Do flight attendants and pilots need visas?

For example, pilots, or flight attendants on a commercial plane, or a captain, engineer or deckhand on a sea vessel would require a D visa. It also applies to cruise ship crew members such as kitchen staff, waiters, lifeguard, hairdressers and beauticians providing services on the cruise ship.

Do pilots get special passports?

Pilots (and aircrew) have to show the documents as required by the local authorities. Usually, this will be the passport/visa or General Deceleration. This varies from country to country.

What type of visa do pilots have?

Upon completion of a full professional flight training program, an F-1 Visa enables students (upon application and approval of DHS for your work authorization) to be eligible to work as flight instructors to build additional hours; this allows pilots to build up to 1,000+ hours of flight experience, which is …

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Do flight attendants get their passports stamped?

They have ordinary passports, but they hold a special visa and their passports are not stamped. If they were stamped, they would need a new passport almost every month! When they pass immigration (going in or going out), they can use a special lane reserved for diplomats and airline crews.

What kind of passport do flight attendants need?

You do not need a passport when you apply. However, if you are selected from the interview phase, you must present a valid, unexpired passport book from your country of origin on the first day of Initial Flight Attendant training, or you will be released from class.

Do flight attendants have 2 passports?

Not everyone, however, can do so — and the perk of a second passport is limited to pretty specific situations. You can only get a second US passport if: Flight attendants, pilots and journalists covering foreign news, for example, likely qualify for a second passport.

Do pilots have a special visa?

Pilots and crew members are required to needing prior clearance from authorities in India which includes, landing permit issued by the DGCA, ICAO issued by the FAA, Certificate of Incorporation of the airline or cargo operator, Letter of Invitation, business letter and address proof.

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Do pilots have multiple passports?

As is the law in the UK, once a UK passport has been filled, a new one is required before travelling again. With a passport renewal priced at 72.50, for many Airline crew and Pilots, obtaining a 2nd British Passport on same day using our services can be extremely cost efficient.

Do flight attendants have multiple passports?

Crews of international airlines have a privilege. They have ordinary passports, but they hold a special visa and their passports are not stamped. If they were stamped, they would need a new passport almost every month!

Do flight attendants have two passports?

Aircrew based in the UK seven days or more This section explains the process to follow for aircrew arriving who will be based in the UK and require permission to enter. This only applies to aircrew of overseas airlines that have concessionary arrangements.

Are flight attendants allowed to have multiple passports?

Do flight crew members need visas to enter other countries?

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While some countries allow flight crew members to enter without visas (or with a business visas), many require specific “crew” visas. China, for example, is very particular about crew having “C”-type visas.

Do flight attendants have to get work visas?

The People’s Republic of China and France (during the Bush Administration) required crew members to obtain work visas. The crew member work visas were valid for two years with unlimited entry. My employer paid for both but it was our (Flight Attendants) responsibility to obtain them.

Do you need a visa to work in the aviation industry?

Additionally, crew members such as flight attendants and flight engineers must have visas unless they have appropriate certification like a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) license.

How do I avoid crew visa issues?

Crew visa issues can be avoided with adequate advanced planning. Multiple entry visas are usually a preferred option, particularly for those countries you intend to travel to frequently. Additionally, many crew members take the precaution of carrying a second passport.