Do Christian Scientists believe in medical treatment?

Do Christian Scientists believe in medical treatment?

Christian Scientists — members of the Church of Christ, Scientist — are a denomination that teaches healing through prayer, rather than traditional medicine and medical therapies.

Do Christian Scientists believe in blood transfusions?

BLOOD TRANSFUSION – The Christian Scientist would have no objection to blood transfusion as such. However, they would regard it as a material method of treatment, and therefore in conflict with their reliance on spiritual means of healing alone.

Do Christian Scientists have their own Bible?

Eddy and 26 followers were granted a charter by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1879 to found the “Church of Christ (Scientist)”; the church would be reorganized under the name “Church of Christ, Scientist” in 1892….Christian Science.

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Texts Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and Bible

Why do Jehovah Witness not take blood?

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that it is against God’s will to receive blood and, therefore, they refuse blood transfusions, often even if it is their own blood. The willing acceptance of blood transfusions by Jehovah’s Witnesses has in some cases led to expulsion from and ostracisation by their religious community.

What do Jehovah Witness use instead of blood transfusion?

Multiple transfusion alternatives have been developed, and many are generally acceptable to a Jehovah’s Witness patient, including tranexamic acid, prothrombin complex concentrate, and fibrin glue.

What religions dont believe in doctors?

Today, many religious groups routinely reject some or all mainstream health care on theological grounds, including Christian Scientists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Amish and Scientologists. “Fundamentalists tell us their lives are in the hands of God and we, as physicians, are not God,” says Dr.