Do affiliate links count as paid promotion on YouTube?

Do affiliate links count as paid promotion on YouTube?

“Paid Promotion” is used if a company pays you to make a video or gives you free stuff to demonstrate in a video. As far as affiliate links, if they are not directly related to the stuff in your videos and clearly labeled as an affiliate link, you could get your channel permanently terminated.

Do Youtubers have to disclose affiliate links?

Videos are a great way to show off your affiliate products because they feel much more interactive than a blog post or a social media blurb. However, the FTC requires affiliate disclaimers on YouTube videos, too. And that’s where things can get a little tricky.

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What is considered paid promotion in YouTube?

Most simply, YouTube’s paid promotion tag is a written disclosure that YouTubers can add to the beginning of any sponsored video. The tag appears in the bottom left corner of a video (see image above) for the first few seconds that viewers watch.

Are affiliate links considered sponsored?

While affiliates are paid only when their links lead directly to a sale, sponsored creators are rewarded for their participation.

What happens if you don’t follow FTC guidelines?

However, practices inconsistent with the Guides may result in law enforcement actions alleging violations of the FTC Act. Law enforcement actions can result in orders requiring the defendants in the case to give up money they received from their violations and to abide by various requirements in the future.

What does FTC guidelines say?

Under the law, claims in advertisements must be truthful, cannot be deceptive or unfair, and must be evidence-based. For some specialized products or services, additional rules may apply.

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Should you pay for YouTube promotion?

If you are just getting started on YouTube, no, I do not recommend that you go and put paid promotion behind your videos and your channel in general. Now, if you’ve been doing videos for like a year or two, maybe even six months, go back and look at some of your very first videos.

How do I add a paid promotion to my YouTube video?

Select the box next to ‘My video contains paid promotion like a product placement, sponsorship or endorsement’. Select SAVE. For info on why you need to tell YouTube, go to the section called What happens when I select the ‘My video contains paid promotion like a product placement, sponsorship or endorsement’ box?

What is YouTube’s new “ includes paid promotion” disclaimer?

YouTube is allowing them to add an “Includes Paid Promotion” disclaimer to videos that contain a paid promotion. Announced by product manager Muli Salem in a recent blog post, it is an [quote]optional video feature that adds visible text on the video for the first few seconds a viewer watches, informing viewers of a paid promotion. [/quote]

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How to use YouTube for affiliate marketing?

When using Youtube for affiliate marketing, content creators make videos related to their offers and place their affiliate links in the description of the video. This way when people go the link and —some of them— buy it, they get a commission.

Do YouTubers get paid to promote products?

Many YouTube creators and influencers make money from getting their viewers to buy a specific product. Sometimes they have been paid to promote the product, and other times not. And so, YouTube creators often tell viewers whether they have been paid to promote a specific product in their video or not. Now they don’t have to.