Did Vader want to rule with Luke?

Did Vader want to rule with Luke?

Vader then revealed himself to Luke, telling him “I am your father,” and attempted to recruit Luke to the dark side. Despite Vader’s seeming loyalty to the Emperor, Palpatine wanted to replace his servant with a new apprentice, while Vader plotted to overthrow the Emperor so he could rule the galaxy with his son.

Who is the admiral in Vader immortal?

Admiral Karius
An intimidating mix of machine and man, Admiral Karius serves as Darth Vader’s second-in-command on Mustafar. Stern and unforgiving, he intends to see to it personally that the captain of the Windfall doesn’t survive their stay at Fortress Vader.

How powerful would Darth Vader have been if he didn’t die?

If Vader hadn’t been foolish, and lost a fight (and 3 limbs, and all his skin, and some of his organs) to Obi-Wan, he would have been twice as powerful (i.e., 200\%) as the Emperor. Due to his injuries, he ended up being only 80\% as powerful as the Emperor.

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Why didn’t Vader fight Palpatine in the Clone Wars?

Because Vader wasn’t as powerful as the Emperor, and he knew it. If he picked a fight with Palpatine, he’d lose, and the Emperor would kill him. Thus, although he didn’t entirely enjoy being subordinate to the Emperor, he knew he couldn’t do anything about it until he had someone helping him.

How did Darth Krayt become galactic emperor?

When the One Sith took over, Darth Krayt abolished the hereditary system and claimed the title of Galactic Emperor Empire.

Did Admiral Blitzer harrsk have the power of Darth Vader?

However, he lacked the charisma, Force powers, and terrifying presence that both Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader used to keep the Empire together. Admiral Blitzer Harrsk was the first Imperial to declare himself a warlord and set up his own mini-Empire, but he would not be the last.