Did Tony know about the soul stone?

Did Tony know about the soul stone?

The Soul Stone may be the reason Thanos knew so much about Tony Stark in Avengers: Infinity War. When Thanos and Iron Man finally came face-to-face, the Mad Titan recognized him. Even Tony was surprised, but Thanos gave a strange explanation. “You’re not the only one cursed with knowledge,” he observed.

What did Tony Stark say in the hologram?

Tony Stark : [In hologram message played after death, to daughter Morgan Stark] I love you three thousand.

What was Tony Stark’s last suit?

Mark LXXXV Armor
The Mark LXXXV Armor is Tony Stark’s eighty-fifth and final Iron Man suit. An upgrade to the Mark L armor, it was used by Stark during the Time Heist and the Battle of Earth.

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What is wrong with Tony Stark’s heart?

In Iron Man 2, Stark is suffering from palladium poisoning courtesy of the reactor in his chest. He spends much of the film bemoaning his imminent death, as he can’t seem to see a way out. If he removes the source of the poison, the shrapnel in his body will reach his heart, and he will die.

Does Tony Stark get back with Steve in Endgame?

Avengers: Endgame. Endgame picks up right where Infinity War left off, and Tony doesn’t spend much time stranded in space. As he returns to Earth, he and Steve have an emotional reunion outside Avengers HQ. The reunion quickly turns into animosity again though, as Tony refuses to forgive Steve for bailing on the Avengers after Civil War.

Why did Tony Stark decide to help the Avengers?

There are some lovely scenes of Tony Stark as a father, enjoying domestic life, that make his eventual decision to help the team try to defeat Thanos again all the more heart-wrenching. One of the main motivators of his decision is that he still hasn’t gotten over the guilt of having Peter Parker vanish in his arms.

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Why did Tony Stark snap his own glove in Endgame?

Unclear, but here’s a thought: At the end of Endgame, Tony snaps his own glove bearing the Infinity Stones to decimate Thanos and his forces (and, sadly, himself).

Is ‘Endgame’ the MCU’s most fitting send-off for Tony Stark?

There’s no doubt that Iron Man was the corner stone of the MCU and that, without the success of the first film, the subsequent franchise offerings wouldn’t have happened. Endgame honors that by giving Tony Stark the most fitting of send offs.