Did France have better tanks?

Did France have better tanks?

The French military was larger — on paper — and technologically superior to its German enemy. The S35 and the heavier Char B1 were heavier armed — and armored — than equivalent German tanks, most of them light Panzer Is and IIs and augmented by a smaller number of medium Panzer III and IVs.

What was the best French tank of World War II?

Somua S35
The French military was larger — on paper — and technologically superior to its German enemy. Testifying to the French advantage is the Somua S35, a plump, cute tank which was one of the best tanks in the world in 1940. Hundreds went into action in May 1940, but to little avail.

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Were French tanks better than German tanks?

France’s tanks had better armor and better guns in general. Germany had more light tanks in the beginning of WW2 and relied on mobility to spread chaos. France’s tanks were not weak, they just weren’t suit for the type of warfare that was used by Germany.

Was the Somua S35 good?

Good firepower, armor protection, and mobility made the S35 one of the best tanks of its time. However, the small turret forced the commander to handle multiple tasks at once: searching for enemy targets, aiming and reloading the gun, and coordinating the actions of the crew.

How many tanks did the Germans lose in the battle of France?

Battle of France
Germany: 27,074 dead 111,034 wounded 18,384 missing 1,129 aircrew killed 1,236 aircraft lost 795–822 tanks lost German: 157,621 Italian: 6,029–6,040 Total: 163,676 376,734 dead, missing and wounded 1,756,000 captured 2,233 aircraft lost 1,749 French tanks lost 689 British tanks lost Total: 2,260,000
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What is the strongest French tank?

  • The best was undoubtedly the formidable Jagdpanther.
  • It combined the 88 mm Pak 43 anti-tank gun (similar to the main gun of the Tiger II) – the most powerfull AT gun built in any numbers during the war – with the excellent Panther Ausf.

How many tanks did the French have in ww2?

5,800 tanks
General overview: French armored forces in 1939 A total force of nearly 5,800 tanks, many of which were based overseas, in operational reserve or second line (such as the obsolete FT).

What is the history of the S35 tank?

Saint-Ouen-based truck manufacturer Somua began developing the S35 in 1934. While the tank had its flaws, it made up for them with strength and firepower. The S35 had 47 millimeters of frontal hull armor and 40-42 millimeters of armor in its turret and sides. A 47-millimeter cannon was its main armament.

Can the S35 take down a Panzer III?

Still, in strict objective terms, the S35 was a fearsome tank and more than capable of taking on any comparable German tank at the time. The Panzer III had at most 30 millimeters of armor and a 37-millimeter cannon then, making it considerably hard-pressed to defeat an S35 at medium to long ranges.

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What was the maximum thickness of the SA35 tank?

The hull and turret maximum thickness were around 47 and 40 mm (1.85/1.5 in) respectively. The turret was derived from that of the B1 heavy tank, but with an enlarged turret ring. The medium-barrel SA35 47 mm (1.85 in) was efficient against most German and Soviet tanks of the time, using a provision of 90 AP and 28 HE shots.

What kind of engine does a S35 have?

The V8 SOMUA engine, designed by engineer Javier-Sabin, developed about 200 bhp and used a double filling tank system which sometimes caused some problems with inexperienced crews. Overall, the S35 was regarded as the most potent medium tank of its day.