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Can you have different style tattoo sleeves?

Can you have different style tattoo sleeves?

There are so many different styles and symbols that go into creating a tattoo that deciding on just one can be nearly impossible. That’s what makes tattoo sleeves so unique, you get to combine many different shapes, symbols, colors, and styles to create one cohesive piece of art that you’ll be proud to have.

Do tattoo sleeves have to be themed?

Wachob says another way to keep your tattoo sleeve cohesive is with a theme. “Having a theme or a subject matter in mind is always helpful,” she says. “Gather images and books that you love and bring them to your artist.”

Can you piece together a sleeve tattoo?

To design a sleeve, stick to a single style and focus on 1-3 themes for your pieces. To connect preexisting tattoos into a sleeve, use background textures, colors, and clever filler tattoos to create a cohesive set of pieces that work together.

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Can you have a mix of tattoo styles?

A mixed style tattoo is exactly what it sounds like – a mix of different tattoo styles combined into one piece of art. It’s an especially good option if you’re looking into getting some new ink, and you’re torn between a couple of different tattoo styles.

How do you blend random tattoos together?

Choose colors that are complementary or shades of your previous tattoos if you choose to blend the artwork rather than outline new designs or separate them. If you already have a blue tattoo, choose turquoise or other shades of blue to start your new tattoo to help blend the two together.

What does Harry Styles butterfly tattoo mean?

Tattoo: Huge Butterfly inked across his stomach. Meaning: Butterfly represents transformation. Harry got this inked to symbolize his transformation of life through different stages. He had received it from tattoo artist Liam Sparkes.

Can you get a sleeve done by different artists?

Yeah, it’s pretty common to have work by multiple artists on the same limb (otherwise collectors would have work from a lot fewer artists). Some artists are better than others at tying their work in to existing art so you’ll want to find artists that have done it well in the past.

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How many tattoos does Nicki Minaj have?

two tattoos
Nicki Minaj has two tattoos. Her Chinese tattoo is located on her left upper arm. She got her Barbie tattoo on her wrist in 2018 at the Black Ink Crew.

Is there such a thing as a sleeve tattoo?

But if this is your only idea of a sleeve tattoo (a large tattoo or a bunch of smaller tattoos that, when placed together, cover a significant portion of the arm), you’re missing out on a world of possibility.

Is it okay to mix up my sleeve styles?

Mixing styles is fine, but I would skip the 3/4 sleeve idea. If you want symmetry then it would be hard to match up with anything other than another Japanese style sleeve. Go ahead and get the Japanese full sleeve, and then do whatever you want on the other arm. I am speaking from experience.

What should I know before getting a half-sleeve tattoo on my arm?

Any tattoo is a huge commitment, but since your arms are relatively difficult to hide, you’ll want to be 100\% sure about your design, placement, style, size, and color. To walk us through everything we need to know before getting a quarter, half, or full sleeve of ink, we tapped two industry experts, Amanda Wachob and Bryan Gutierrez.

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Is it okay to have two different styles of tattoos?

It’s all about transitioning properly if they are going to be close to each other. But as far as sleeves go I don’t think it’s a huge deal. It of course is up to you. The guy in the picture with the pine tree tattoo is definitely rocking two different tattoo styles, and it looks fine. When you go TOO different it can look a little weird.