Can we play Second Life on Android?

Can we play Second Life on Android?

How to play second life on an Android device – Quora. Yes – Theres a pretty full featured App. One time purchase but its cheap.

Can I get Second Life on mobile?

The Official Mobile App For Second Life will be available within a couple of months. Focus on chat. On the occasion of the interview with Ebbe Altberg (Ebbe Linden), the CEO of Second Life spoke about the introduction of an app created by Linden Lab that will allow you to enter the virtual world also from mobile.

Can you play Second Life online without downloading?

No, you can’t play specifically Second Life online. You need to be online to connect to that “grid” and access it’s content.

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Can I play Second Life on a tablet?

SL Go is a service which streams the SL viewer and SL content directly to the user’s computer or tablet device (during the beta period, only Android is supported for tablets). …

Can you play Second Life in browser?

Today Linden Lab is launching web-based Beta access of Second Life (mentioned last month.) As screenshots show, it’s using the cloud-based streaming game service of Gaikai, headed by industry star Dave Perry, and according to Katharine Berry, it requires a Java plug-in in your browser.

What devices can I play Second Life on?

As well as using SL Go on either an Android tablet or a computer system, it is also possible to use SL Go with the OnLive Games System (OGS) to connect to a television and play games using a suitable USB or wireless keyboard and mouse and / or the included games controller (which can also be purchased separately).

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Can I play Second Life on my iPad?

With SL Go, you can now access Second Life on your iPad using Wi-Fi or 4G LTE and enjoy a high-fidelity experience with great graphics quality, full shaders, shadows, and full motion capability.

Does the Android OS support Second Life?

From what I know the Android OS supports a cut-down version of OpenGL (which Second Life is based upon) but it does not include all the functions, especially a lot of the fancy stuff. The biggest problem would be a UI for such devices – I have given quite a bit of thought to this and it would require a fair bit of work in some areas.

What is second life like?

Second Life is less a game than an experiment in making yourself – and if you like, rented “land” – into whatever you like and then sharing the same with others. You are free to choose your avatar’s gender, customize your appearance through custom versions of pretty much any body part (s) or clothing.

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What is the best way to watch SL on mobile?

If you have an Android phone, you can use the Lumiya viewer. That is the only viewer for mobile devices that offers any graphics at all. It’s remarkably good for a mobile app, but it’s no substitute for having SL on a real computer.

Is there any way to get SL on Android?

There are pretty much two options. First is someone writing an Android SL client from a scratch, which would be very difficult and take a lot of time to do (given all the features and systems SL has). The second and best option would be compiling the normal SL client for the Android platform and hardware.