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Can the flash outrun Superman?

Can the flash outrun Superman?

But even without the speed drain trick, both Barry and Wally are still technically faster than Superman at their max velocity. The Speed Force pretty much allows the Flash-Family to outrun time itself, however, running too fast can also be lethal to them.

Is the flash faster than Superman in the comics?

The Flash is faster than Superman. He has won five of their nine races, with three ties and only one win from Superman. Still, even the fastest Speedster, Wally West, stated that given enough motivation, Superman could get a big enough boost to gain extra speed and become faster than any of the Speedsters.

Who is faster the Flash or Superman?

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The two heroes have raced several times since then, in the comics, cartoons and movies. As a general rule, the comics claim that The Flash is the faster hero, with Barry Allen, Wally West and even an octogenarian Jay Garrick having outrun Superman over the years.

Could Superman Prime outrun the Flash?

So pretty much, Superman Prime would be able to outrun the Flash because Flash is a metahuman. And since Superman Prime’s descendants are greater than any metahuman ever, due to a transfer of powers from Superman Prime… letting us know that his own powers are also greater than any of them as well.

What happens when Superman hits 90\% speed of light?

It’s stated that once you hit 90\% the speed of light you start to see slowness in time it self, well Superman can only go 98\% the speed of light on earth with the flash can cross over the trillions multiplier of the speed of light on earth.

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Is Superman’s first race with Barry Allen an even match?

While this debate has raged on since their very first race in the comics in 1967, a look back at most of Superman’s previous races with Barry Allen and Wally West suggest the Last Son of Krypton is ALMOST an even match for the Flash Family. While their first couple of charity races ending in ties, their third race ended in a victory for the Flash.