Can people see what you join on Telegram?

Can people see what you join on Telegram?

All members are notified when someone joins a Telegram Group; joining a Telegram Channel remains secret and only Channel admins can see. Simply press the notification bell next to the message box in the Telegram Channel to send a silent message.

How can I hide groups I join in Telegram?

For groups, the group members can see who’s in the group but then your friends would need to be in the same group to find out that you’ve joined. Muted chats will stay archived forever. You can hide the archive by swiping left on it. See it again by dragging the screen down.

What happens when you join a Telegram channel?

When you post in a channel, the message is signed with the channel’s name and not yours. New subscribers can see the entire message history in a channel once they join. If you’d like an example, join our official Telegram channel to get notified about our updates.

Who can see that I joined Telegram?

Telegram will still let you add users, and others can find you using your username. By default, Telegram syncs your contacts to its servers. When a new contact joins, you get a notification about it. Your contact will also come to know that you’re using Telegram.

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Why do I get notified when someone joins Telegram?

You are notified when someone that is stored in your contact list is a new Signal or Telegram user. Thankfully, both the platforms give you the option to disable these alerts on your phone. All you need to do is turn off the ‘Contact joined’ option from the settings section.

How can I hide everything in Telegram?

  1. Head to Telegram Settings. Open Telegram app on your smartphone and tap on the three-horizontal bars at the top left corner and tap on Settings option.
  2. Open Privacy and Security.
  3. Now, tap on Privacy option.
  4. After this, tap on the Phone Number option and select the option to Nobody or My Contacts.

How can I make my Telegram Channel private?

Step 1: First, open Telegram app on your iPhone. Step 2: Next, start a New message (tap the icon in the top-right corner in Chats). Step 3: From the given options tap ‘New Channel’. Now, you need to select the Create Channel option and follow the steps like the Android one.

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Why does Telegram tell you when someone joins?

You might see contact join notifications in Telegram from random contacts. That happens because you let Telegram access your phone contacts. Basically, those ‘random contacts’ are actually saved in your contacts list and now you might have forgotten them.

Should I let Telegram access my contacts?

Whenever a contact joins the app you are notified about it. But if you wish to keep your identity private, you can disable the ‘Contact Sync’ feature. Should I allow Telegram to access contacts? You should allow Telegram to access contacts only if you trust contacts saved in your contact list.

How can I read Telegram message without seen?

Use Airplane/Aeroplane Mode

  1. When you receive a message on Telegram that you want to read silently, enable Airplane mode.
  2. Launch Telegram and read the message.
  3. After you’ve completed reading it, close the app and remove it from Recent Tabs.
  4. Disable the Airplane mode and turn on your mobile data or WiFi.

How can I see who is in my telegram contacts?

Thanks. People will be notified that you joined if they have your number in their phone contacts. In other way, you can open the “contacts” section in the app, see who from your contacts already on Telegram and notify important ones manually with a message. People always complain about this in telegram…

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What happens when someone joins on Telegram?

When someone joins on Telegram, you get notified of their presence. This snitching behaviour is not appreciated by the people who get the message since your feed gets populated by “Peter joined Telegram!” posts and by the people who join the app alike who get messages from people that they have noticed that they have joined Telegram.

How do I find a channel on Telegram?

If you’re not sure of a channel’s name then there are several websites that offer directories so you can search for the exact channel that best suits your interests. Among the most popular are TChannels, or the Telegram Channels Reddit feed. Moreover, there are also Telegram bots designed to help you find channels such as @tchannelsbot.

What’s the difference between Telegram channels and Telegram groups?

Just as you can create and enter group chats, Telegram also offers the possibility of joining Channels. But what’s the difference between a channel and a group? Telegram channels allow you to broadcast information and messages to a wider group of people, whereas a Super Group has a maximum capacity of 5000 members.