Can IPS work with army?

Can IPS work with army?

Eligibility – All IPS Officers of Department of Posts. Military Training – Officers on grant of Temporary Commission will be given basic military training at APS Centre for a period of nine weeks prior to their posting in APS Establishments/Units. …

Which is better IPS or army officer Quora?

Oath and duties of both services are different and can’t be compared. Personnel of defence services work to defend the country and save the country from external threat. An IPS officer work for welfare of the citizen. IPS is way better than the Army!

Is Colonel equal to SP?

Superintendents of police are the officers of either State Police Service or Indian Police Service. The rank of superintendent is equivalent to the rank of senior Captain/major/lieutenant colonel in the Indian Army.

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Are IPS officers commissioned?

IPS officers are recruited from Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC. They are also promoted from State Police Services and DANIPS. However, at present, recruitment from Limited Competitive Examination has been put on hold.

Who is senior IAS or IPS?

1. Why is IAS better than IPS? An IAS officer is on the top in hierarchy whereas an IPS officer comes on second. Also, the IAS officer enjoys more benefits than the IPS officer.

Is IPS equal to IAS?

The Indian Police Service (IPS) though not equal to the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the only service in the country that comes close to the IAS considering the Power, Authority, and Speed in promotion whether at the State or in the Government of India.

Is there a race between IAS and IPS officers?

As both IAS and IPS officers go up in the ranks of service, the gap in seniority gets wider and at a faster pace. This resentment gives rise to the anger and frustration in the armed forces. More fire-fighting attempts are made to gain parity and rejoin the race. But each attempt completely misses the crucial point– there need not be a race at all.

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What is the difference between the Army SSB and IPS?

While IPS officers are recruited along with 15+ other civil services through a common entrance exam, Army officers are recruited through separate Army SSB. It is a sad fact that very few people give first preference to IPS.

What is the role of IPS officers in national security?

“IPS officers act as a link between people and the forces, since their approach is non-militarised and compassionate…” Ashish Gupta, secretary of the IPS Association, told ThePrint. “Bringing in people from these forces or the Army to head them would militarise our police forces.

Should IPS officers be gradually phased out?

The Parliamentary Committee for Home last month recommended that the services of the IPS officers in these forces be gradually phased out, and their deputation be reduced to just 25 per cent.