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Can I join airforce after 24 years?

Can I join airforce after 24 years?

NCC Special entry mode – This exam is open for both male and female candidates who are eager to join Indian Airforce. An unmarried candidate, Indian citizen between age 20 to 24 years at the time of commencement of the course are eligible.

Can I join Indian Air Force at the age of 25?

Age Limit: 20 – 23/25 years. Educational Qualification: Minimum 60\% for graduates and minimum 50\% for post graduates.

Can I join Indian Air Force at the age of 26?

Yes… you can join IAF till the age of 26 but as a ground duty officer (non-technical).

Can I join Defence at the age of 25?

For joining the army after graduation, you have to appear for the CDSE ( Combined Defence Services Exam.) But, the age limit to join the army through CDSE is 24. But you can apply for Indian Navy or the Air Force for which the age limit is 25. But you can join the OTA ( Officers Training Academy) through the CDSE.

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Can I join Indian Air Force at the age of 23?

No. You cannot. To get into the flying branch of the Indian Air Force, there are 4 entries, which are divided into 2 categories. Educational Qualifications – 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics.

Can female aspirants join the Indian Air Force?

Using this entry scheme, female aspirants may join the flying branch of IAF. But since this is SSC entry, the period of service will be 14 years. Unlike the Army, there won’t be any extension to this period of service.

How can a woman join the Indian Army through the UPSC?

In UPSC entry, the women can join the army only through Short Service Commission Women (Non-Technical) Entry Scheme. Eligibility: Any unmarried graduate aged between 19-25 years is

How can I join the Indian Air Force after 12th?

Join IAF after 12th. Physical Standards (Basic)-. To join IAF, candidates, irrespective of the entry mode and educational qualifications, must satisfy a basic set of Physical standards. The list is quite long. But the main things that are checked are-. Weight and Height ratio. Good Physical and Mental health. Good hearing.

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What is the eligibility criteria for the Indian Air Force flying branch?

Eligibility: Women candidates of age 19 to 23 years (as per notified in the advertisement) can opt for flying branch.