Can I go from INFJ to INFP?

Can I go from INFJ to INFP?

INFJs and INFPs have completely different cognitive functions, even though the Myers-Briggs test says they are only one letter off. This is one of the problems with just taking the test (among many others), and it’s also why you cannot simply change your type (or be two types) – it doesn’t work that way..

Should INFP date INFP?

In a relationship between two INFP personality types, there is good potential for a romantic match. However, these dreamers are idealists and tend to fantasize more about how something should be than living in the moment of what something is.

Why do INFJs dislike INFPs?

INFJs close off their personal feelings. INFPs are a lot more open about how they feel, whereas INFJs have trouble communicating about deeply personal things. This can cause the INFP to be frustrated, and feel like the INFJ doesn’t really trust them or want to communicate with them.

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What is the difference between an INFJ and an INFP?

4 Differences Between the INFJ and INFP Personality Types 1. INFJs and INFPs have different interests (different dominant functions, Ni vs Fi). Both INFJs and INFPs can be idealistic and compassionate, but an INFJ is led by introverted intuition (Ni) while an INFP is led by introverted feeling (Fi).

Is it possible for an INFP to change type?

In this case, your tendency towards T and F is very close, so you are tested as INFP and INTP in different tests. It may be possible for people to change type, but if you regard your change as “keep switching”, which I interpret as changing for many times and frequently, does not seem to make sense.

How do you know if you are an INFJ?

The easiest way to know if you are an INFJ is to do the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or any other similar personality tests online. But what if you keep getting different results? One test says you are INFJ, while the other says you are an INFP, ISFJ, INTJ, or ENFJ?

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Are INFJs and INFPs compatible in a relationship?

INFJ and INFP Compatibility in Love / Sex / Romance INFPs and INFJs could be very compatible on many levels, but they would need to keep their emotions in check if things ever went off course for a while. On first glance, an INFP seems like an ideal romantic partner. They’re so caring and loving, who could resist their charms?