Can I give mock test on mobile?

Can I give mock test on mobile?

Yes, VITEEE Mock test can be given using mobile also but the interface will not be as much friendly as of a laptop. If you wanted to experience the real exam type scenario than giving the mock test on a laptop or PC should be preferred.

Can I download Made Easy test series?

Ques. Can I download the test papers? Ans. Test papers cannot be downloaded, but it is possible to refer the test papers/solutions whenever you like in between the Activation Period.

Can I give test series at home?

There is no test center for Online Test series. You can take/attempt online test anytime/anywhere (home/cyber cafe) provided you have a system (i.e. computer/laptop/ Mobile App) with proper internet connection.

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Which app is best for online test?

Best Exam Apps for Android

  • SurveyLab,
  • SkyPrep,
  • eLysa LCMS,
  • Creatrix Campus.
  • SpeedExam,
  • Synap.
  • Conduct Exam,
  • ExamOnline,

How do you take an online test series?

To buy online test series by BYJU’S Exam Prep:

  1. Visit the test series tab from the navigation window.
  2. Select your exam category online test series that you wish to purchase.
  3. Click on ‘Buy Now’ and pay the fee online.
  4. Access to the online test series will be added to your account automatically.

How can I test my website on Android devices?

Additionally, users can test their websites on different browsers running on the Android platform, by going to the Live dashboard and picking an Android device. Teams can also automate their tests for Android devices and integrate with CI/CD tools like CircleCI, TeamCity, Jenkins using our plugins.

How can I make android testing faster?

Release Android builds faster by running tests concurrently across devices. Reduce test execution time by more than 10x by using the parallel tests on BrowserStack device cloud. List of Android OS Versions available for testing on. Why is testing on Android Devices critical?

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Does the Android test consist of the same questions?

Yes. Android test consists of the same questions for every candidate. In order to properly compare candidates, they need to answer questions of the same difficulty level, and different questions always mean different difficulty levels. However, the order of questions and answers is randomized for each applicant.

How can I extend my testing capabilities in Android?

Of course, you can also extend your test capabilities by integrating test frameworks such as Mockito to test Android API calls in your local unit tests, and Espresso or UI Automator to exercise user interaction in your instrumented tests. You can generate Espresso tests automatically using Espresso Test Recorder.