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Can I get Airtel network in USA?

Can I get Airtel network in USA?

In the US, Canada, UK, and the UAE, the one-day international pack will cost Rs. Airtel’s 30-day international pack for the US, the UK, and Canada costs Rs. 4,999, and offers 3GB data alongside unlimited incoming calls. It also offers 400 minutes of ‘free’ calls to India and unlimited texts to India.

Which country owns Airtel network?

Airtel Networks Limited

Type Subsidiary
Area served Nigeria
Key people Surendran Chemmikotil Managing Director/Chief Executive Office
Products Mobile Telephony Broadband Internet services
Parent Airtel Africa

Which is the most reliable Airtel network?

Airtel Global Network is most reliable network across 50 countries, 7GBPS satellite capacity. Presence in 17 countries in Asia and Africa. BUSINESSPERSONALINVESTORSCareers

Can I Use my Airtel SIM card in the USA?

Yes you can use your Airtel SIM card in the USA. You will have to activate international roaming packages for that. Airtel has tied up with AT which is the biggest phone carrier in the USA. Once you land in the USA you will get AT’s network. Checkout the link for airtel international packages. The packages…

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Does Airtel 91- work in USA?

Hi, my number 91- (Edited as per community guidelines) was working fine within US in roaming.Got disconnc. due to recharging remotely issue, do you have option to recharge from USA? My Airtel connection was working for last 1 year in Florida but stopped working 1 week back.

Can I use an Indian phone on AT roaming?

Purchasing a SIM card for roaming only permits you to use AT if you are using a compatible phone. Since no one listed their phone make and model I will assume you were using a phone that works great in India, but is an Android phone that does not have the correct frequencies to work on US carriers.