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Can Bruce Banner turn into Hulk on command?

Can Bruce Banner turn into Hulk on command?

In the first Avengers movie, Bruce says his secret is that he’s always angry, which is how he can turn into the Hulk on command. So basically, Bruce Banner was unable to bring out the Hulk in Infinity War because he’s been a lot happier/content lately than he was when he met the Avengers.

What was Bruce Banner exposed to that turned him into the Incredible Hulk?

Exposed to heavy doses of gamma radiation, scientist Bruce Banner transforms into the mean, green rage machine called the Hulk.

Does Banner call Hulk Max?

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Directors Confirm Why the Hulk Wouldn’t Transform.

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Who turns into the Hulk?

The basic premise of Hulk is that when Bruce Banner becomes angry, harmed, or life is in danger, he turns into the Hulk. At the end of the Incredible Hulk (2008), it is shown that Bruce can willfully turn into the Hulk.

What happens to the Hulk when Bruce Banner dies?

But as Banner suffers a heart attack, the Hulk comes into being. Somehow, the Hulk manages to completely get rid of Bruce Banner. Even if Bruce Banner ages, as he dies, he will turn into the Hulk, who will not die of old age.

Is Bruce Banner still Smart Hulk after Shang-Chi?

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Bruce Banner isn’t Smart Hulk anymore after Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, but it’s unclear how, or why, the Marvel Cinematic Universe reversed his transformation.

Can Bruce Banner Stay Young Forever?

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Alternately, you could say that when Banner transforms into the Hulk, the Hulk is forming according to Hulk genetic code, which is very healthy. If Banner’s body is then formed from the current state of the Hulk, it would then be perfect. Thus, as long as Banner occasionally becomes the Hulk, he may stay young forever.