Can a voice be androgynous?

Can a voice be androgynous?

2) Pitch variation for an androgynous voice Masculine voices are known for being more monotone, while feminine voices are known for having a lot of pitch variation. Most commonly, an androgynous voice will have variations of about a whole step during speech.

What characteristic would an androgynous person have?

An androgynous person is characterized as having both high masculine and high feminine traits without employing a gender schema; circumstances dictate which trait – feminine or masculine – is exhibited by an androgynous person. Thus, she defined masculinity and femininity in terms of sex-linked social desirability.

What is androgynous voice over?

Androgynous voice overs performed by young voice over actor who plays male characters, female characters and everything in between! Based in Los Angeles, working worldwide. Fresh, youthful millenial sound.

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What is an ‘androgynous pitch’?

Obviously regardless of what vocal range you have, somewhere within that process will be your ‘androgynous pitch’. It’s been my experience that although voice pitch is a gender cue, it’s not necessarily the highest point your voice goes but the range it covers.

What does androgynous personality mean?

ANDROGYNOUS PERSONALITY. a mixed personality style in which an individual displays psychological characteristics typically assigned to men and women, as opposed to one or the other (for example, nurturing and aggressive). ANDROGYNOUS PERSONALITY: “A person with an androgynous personality may not fit into a stereotypically male or female gender…

What makes a voice sound male or female?

Pitch is not the only signifier of gender – intonation, speech patterns, range, choice of words and degree of chest resonance are all factors. If we’re in that overlap then the way they speak, like an accent, is what causes people to read their voices as female or male.