Can a battery charger be used as a power supply?

Can a battery charger be used as a power supply?

A battery charger is a type of power supply. As long as you had enough voltage, enough amperage, (and enough water) and rectified AC you could charge the battery.

Can I use a 9V DC adapter in place of 6 AA batteries?

It depends. 6 AA batteries, if connected in series, will produce slightly more than 9 V when new, dropping to 6 V when depleted. They will output up to several amps for short periods. Their output voltage is not regulated, but it is pure DC with no 100 or 120 Hz ripple.

How do I change my 12V adapter to 9V?

To reduce a 12V circuit to 9V, place two resistors in series within the circuit. Find the difference between the two voltages (12V – 9V = 3V) to determine the total amount of resistance needed.

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Is 9V the same as 1.5 V?

Another consideration is the voltage. A single cell of the typical type used in household batteries is 1.5 volt. A 9V battery actually has 6 small 1.5V cells inside it. D, C, AA, and AAA are all single cell batteries at 1.5V.

Is 9V the same as AA?

Calculating Energy in an AA Battery A single Energizer AA, or E91, is rated for just under 3000 mAh at 25 mA drain. For this calculation, I picked 25mA because that is the nominal current draw for a 9 V. Obviously, that calculates as 6X a single AA and just slightly more than 4X a 9V battery.

Can you use a 12V charger for a 9V device?

You can’t use a 12V adapter to power a 9V guitar pedal. A pedal that only handles 9V can be destroyed by using a 12V adapter. It’s possible for a power supply to ruin your pedal even if you get the voltage right.

Can you recharge batteries with a DC power supply?

You can easily recharge batteries if you have a DC power supply. All that is needed to recharge battery cells is DC current. With DC current, electrons will flow back into the battery, establishing the electric potential, or voltage, that a battery was meant to have when it’s fully charged.

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What do I need to charge a 9 volt battery?

Ideally what you need is modern technology. Aka a nice lithium battery pack with 9V output. You can find these offthe shelf with a usb Power delivery enabled power bank with a USB PD or Quick charge trigger module to get 9V out. These will have safety measures in them and should easily give a few hours at what you need.

Can I replace my power supply with a different power supply?

Thus, as long as you replace your power supply with one capable of providing as much or more amps than the previous, you’ll be fine. To be clear: there is nothing wrong at all with having a charger capable of providing more amps than needed.

How many amps does a 9v battery draw?

Even if you could draw 1.5 Amps at 9V in an ideal setup, with a typical 500 mAh 9V alkaline battery, you would get less than a 3rd of an hour life on it. In reality the battery chemistry will reduce the voltage and current capacity as the current draw increases.