Are INTJs perfectionists?

Are INTJs perfectionists?

INTJs are certainly prone to perfectionist behavior, which can cause them to seem a bit obsessive. INTJs are perfectionists and this means they have certain high standards to how things should be done. For them efficiency and accuracy are deeply important, both for themselves and for the people around them.

What personality type is most likely to be a perfectionist?

Those types with introverted intuition (Ni) have the highest tendency to be perfectionists, often to a fault. Ni-doms (INTJs and INFJs), along with ENTJs and ENFJs, have different judging preferences, so their perfectionism may show in different ways.

What causes a perfectionist personality?

Many factors can contribute to whether perfectionism develops. A few include: Frequent fear of disapproval from others or feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. Mental health issues like anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

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Which Mbtis are perfectionists?

NJs are the most likely to become perfectionists and tend to suffer terribly because of the extremes that they often go to in order to achieve their ideals.

Are INTJ high strung?

INTJs are hardworking and motivated people, who rarely appear high strung to others. They don’t let their internal emotions take them over, and will work hard to remain calm. INTJs do have some internal stress, but they find ways to handle and manage that stress.

How do perfectionists get along?

Advice for partners on how to live with a perfectionist:

  1. Get curious and really understand what makes your partner tick.
  2. Communicate.
  3. Don’t take it personally.
  4. Stand up for yourself and set clear boundaries.
  5. Share your feelings.
  6. Give her/him lots of notice regarding change.
  7. Give feedback gently.

Which MBTI is the biggest perfectionist?

INFJs are definitely one of the most perfectionist types, constantly striving to make everything better. They set extremely high standards for themselves and really want to do their best at all times. This can cause them to be too hard on themselves, always feeling like they could do much better than they are.

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Why are INFJs perfectionists?

Because we are so misunderstood by everyone, INFJs want to do and be more. Going after a goal or a dream must be such a challenge for an INFJ, that it will make us give everything we got, even if it means losing our own health. Perfectionism convinces us that we need to do more, no matter how much we already did.