Why does Jaime love Cersei?

Why does Jaime love Cersei?

Jaime and Cersei have always loved each other. From the time they were born, they were inseparable. He loved her then, despite her cruelty to Tyrion. Jaime became a Kingsguard without a second thought, just so he could be with the love of his life.

Do Cersei and Robert hate each other?

In a twisted and complicated relationship with her husband King Robert Baratheon did not love Cersei, even a bit. He, in fact, called her Lyanna during their first night together, causing Cersei to hate him as well. When she got pregnant with Robert’s child, she promptly sought out a cleansing (abortion)!

What is the relationship between Jaime and Cersei?

Jaime and Cersei have been having a physical relationship long before either of them went to King’s Landing, as is revealed in Jaime’s third chapter of A Storm of Swords: He could never bear to be long apart from his twin. Even as children, they would creep into each other’s beds and sleep with their arms entwined. Even in the womb.

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Is Cersei willing to sleep with other people?

Cersei is very much willing to sleep with other people if she cannot be with Jaime, as we hear of her having sex with Lancel Lannisterwhile Jaime is captured by the Starks. So to answer your second question: When did a lantern go off in her head that got her thinking that doing Jaime was a good idea?

Are Jaime and Lancel Lannister twins?

Yes, even though she tells Ned that since they are twin siblings, they are somehow predestined for each other, but still….Why Jaime and Lancel Lannister later, just because he resembles Jaime a bit. plot-explanationcharactergame-of-thrones Share Improve this question Follow edited Oct 27 ’14 at 15:42 Napoleon Wilson♦

Why does Jaime Lannister decide to go back to help his sister?

Jaime decides to go back upon learning that Euron Greyjoy ambushed Danaerys, killing the second of her dragons. So how could this be a turning point for him to suddenly decide that he is who he is and he needs to go help his sister?