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Why do people like Audi so much?

Why do people like Audi so much?

The company has a reputation for superior materials, from the dashboard to the seating. Drivers love the leather seats and the comfortable design. Details are important in Audi cars. Even the smell of an Audi is better than most cars.

Can the middle class afford Audi?

Yes, middle-class people also can buy a luxury car. The best option for middle-class people is going for a used luxury car.

Why is Audi considered luxury?

Contrary to popular belief, luxury vehicles can come from any brand. In order to be considered a luxury car, the vehicle must have high-end features that go above and beyond the average necessities. In the past, certain brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi were known as the luxury vehicles.

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What kind of person drives an Audi?

Audi drivers are… Audi drivers are most likely to be male, based in London or Scotland and aged 25-39. They generally support the Conservative party, and are most likely to hold a professional role in the Business, Consulting or Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations sector.

What does an Audi say about you?

It’s says you are a very sensible and intelligent person without the prestige of bragging such as owning a Mercedes-Benz or a Jaguar. It shows you know your cars and that Audi is ranked #1 in overall Quality, Safety, Driving Experience, Technology, and Performance.

Which is the luxury car for middle class?

The Best Luxury cars in India include Land Rover Range Rover (Rs. 2.10 Cr), Volvo XC90 (Rs. 89.90 Lakh), Mercedes-Benz GLA (Rs. 44.00 Lakh), Audi A4 (Rs.

Is Audi belong to luxury car?

Audi manufactures luxury cars under the Volkswagen Group. In 1965, VW took over Audi, itself a merger of four brands from the German state of Saxony. The Audi 100, a landmark car for the brand, debuted in late 1968.

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Is Audi a good luxury car?

Mercedes-Benz is not far behind, at 47.8 percent, followed by BMW with 45.1 percent, Porsche with 44.9 percent, with Audi rounding off the top five with a loyalty rate of 43.4 percent. …