Why are my parents so strict on school?

Why are my parents so strict on school?

Your parents are probably just really worried and want you to do better. When they punish you, they’re trying to make you focus on school but they may not realize that the stress may be why your grades are suffering.

What to do when your parents are hard on you?

How to survive a difficult parent

  1. Stay calm. When a horrid parent starts criticising you it can be frightening and infuriating.
  2. Learn to accept your situation.
  3. Don’t retaliate.
  4. Look to your future with hope.
  5. Believe in yourself.
  6. Talk to someone you trust.
  7. Look after yourself.

Why are my parents so harsh to me as a kid?

My parents were harsh to me when I was a kid. It is because they love you and want to protect you, but they don’t always know the best way to look out for you. Try to understand your parents are as much babies as you were when you were 2 years old.

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What kind of mistakes do parents make?

There are two kinds of mistakes parents can make in each direction. One mistake they can make is to treat children as being less mature than they are. This makes children feel controlled. The phenomenon is referred to as enmeshment. Some parents make the mistake in the other direction.

How do I tell my parents that I want to challenge myself?

I admire you for that choice and your desire to challenge yourself will always be an enormous asset in every aspect of your life. Consider writing a letter from your heart to your parents about how they have made you feel. Don’t make it a letter full of blame.

Are my parents sending me a mixed message?

Your parents are certainly sending you mixed messages if they have told you that they don’t expect “anything” of you academically and then show you anger when you miss honor roll for the first time since middle school.