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Why are casual games so addictive?

Why are casual games so addictive?

In short, hyper-casual games are characterized by lightweight, instantly playable games that are often addictive because of short session length and fun game mechanics. While simple games have always been around, the hyper-casual genre is different because of its ability to go viral and scale quickly.

What do casual gamers want?

The casual gamer is not prepared to spend that much time or money on it. The casual gamer wants to play games the same way she watches TV or reads a book: sit down, do it for a while, then stop and do something else. She doesn’t want games to consume her life, she wants them to entertain her for a while.

Why are MOBAs so addictive?

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MOBAs feature the best parts of fixed and variable ratio schedules while maintaining balance. There is little grinding in MOBAs; experience and gold flows at a constant rate. And the reward of pulling off a major play or a gank is semi-unpredictable. The emotional payout of performing in the game keeps us playing.

Why are RPG games so addictive?

RPGs are addictive because as you keep playing them, you learn new capacities and continue to discover new and better equipment. The reason for it is a psychological belief that if you level up and open mystery things it won’t get boring.

How do you market to casual gamers?

Here’s how you can market your hyper-casual game:

  1. Define the target audience.
  2. Conduct competitor analysis.
  3. Announce the game.
  4. Add the game to the Google Play and/or App Store.
  5. Localize the game.
  6. Conduct a soft launch.
  7. Contextual advertising.
  8. Make sure that the game is present on social media.

What is a core gamer?

Core gamer: (also mid-core) A player with a wider range of interests than a casual gamer and is more likely to enthusiastically play different types of games, but without the amount of time spent and sense of competition of a hardcore gamer.

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How did Minecraft get so popular?

The importance of community is vital to Minecraft’s success and can be seen from its popularity on YouTube, where it is by far the most popular game based on video views. Of all the views amassed by fan videos on the YouTube, 41\% were generated by Minecraft.

What are casual games and how to develop them?

Casual games are developed by considering a broader audience in mind. In the current era, more and more developers are developing such games, and, at the same time, more people are downloading them in comparison to the other genre of games.

Why are hyper-casual games on the rise?

The rise in the popularity of casual games under the current circumstances is a clear indication that they are not going to leave the market places. More and more players are installing these games, in the same way, more developers are working on the development of casual games. All this scenario has given rise to the era of hyper-casual games.

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Are hyper-casual games a time-waster?

Hyper-casual games don’t require a lengthy playing session, so they are perfect as time-wasters. People can play them while traveling, on a lunch break or in the bathroom, as most of us do. Here is a fact: against all stereotypes, the majority of mobile game players are actually middle-aged women.

Are hyper-casual games a sustainable monetization model?

The sheer size of the audience that downloads hyper-casual games makes this monetization model more than sustainable. Especially considering that they are relatively inexpensive to produce due to their simple design, use of one mechanic, and the lack of an elaborate story.