Why ads are not showing on my Quora space?

Why ads are not showing on my Quora space?

Sellers pay for the space and if it is not worth them putting the ads and generating clicks or views they will be passed by. 1000 followers don’t guarantee traffic. Quora spaces are selected for advertising by the amount of engagement they generate, views, comments, submissions and frequency of activity.

Where do Quora ads appear?

Quora ads appear both in users’ feeds and on question pages. Let’s take a look at some current examples. On question pages, sponsored ads appear either above or in between answers.

How do I block ads on Quora?

Originally Answered: How can I block an ad? Right-click the ad and select Block this ad (this may be hidden under an AdBlock submenu).

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What is ad account on Quora?

Quora Ads is a self-service platform that enables users to create an ad account and begin running ads on Quora. Any advertiser can run ads, provided the company meets our advertising policy guidelines.

How much is an ad on Quora?

Thinkific is spending between $2,000 and $4,000 a month on Quora ads. In general, Thinkific’s CPCs on Quora are generally lower than on Google and comparable to retargeting CPCs on Facebook. Volume from Quora is lower than from Bing Ads, but the cost per conversion is about the same, says Bharath.

How do I start an ad on Quora?

In your Quora Ads dashboard, click Create Campaign. Then type in your campaign name and select your campaign objective. Currently, you can choose from four objectives: Conversions, App Installs, Traffic, and Awareness. You’ll also need to set your campaign budget and schedule.

Why is Quora adding ads to its spaces?

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According to the post, it talked about three new things on Quora. The first thing that adding ads to Quora spaces will help Quora to make Quora spaces better and to invest more in this technology. There are a lot of features that are still missing in the Quora spaces.

Who can see or comment on a space I’m in?

Spaces are public and can be seen by anyone. Will someone that I blocked be able to see or comment on a Space that I’m in? Blocking someone will make it so that they can’t see your posts or shares in a Space; however, they can still see and participate in the Space.

How do I get notifications of new posts on my Space?

Visit the Space page, then click the notification bell icon, located right below the Space title. Once you click the icon, you can select from the following: “All Notifications,” which sends a notification every time something new gets posted to the Space.

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How do I approve or decline submissions to a space?

For Space owners/admins/moderators: You will be notified when submissions are made to your Space, and you can approve or decline them from the Submissions tab. Lastly, you can disable submissions for the Space in the Space’s Settings page. Can I ask a question in a Space?