Who is the father of Indian foreign policy?

Who is the father of Indian foreign policy?

From the late 1920s on, Jawaharlal Nehru, who had a long-standing interest in world affairs among independence leaders, formulated the Congress stance on international issues. As Prime Minister and Minister of External Affairs from 1947, Nehru articulated India’s approach to the world.

Who is the writer of Indian foreign policy?

In this robust and comprehensive analysis, Chris Ogden introduces students to the key dimensions of Indian foreign policy from her emergence as a modern state in 1947 to the present day.

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What influences Indian foreign policy?

India’s foreign policy is shaped by five broad factors viz. geography; strategic culture; India’s requirements and goals; global and regional challenges; and resources.

What are the basic accept of Indian foreign policy?

These Five Principles are: Mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, ii. Mutual non-aggression, iii. Mutual non-interference, iv. Equality and mutual benefit, and v.

Who is the writer of foreign policy?

Foreign Policy

May/June 2014 Issue of Foreign Policy magazine
Frequency Six issues annually
Total circulation (December 2012) 101,054
Founder Samuel P. Huntington and Warren Demian Manshel
Year founded December 1970

What is another word for foreign policy?

Find another word for foreign-policy. In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for foreign-policy, like: diplomacy, international-relations, diplomatics, foreign-affairs, diplomatic policy and null.

Which is the best book to study Indian Foreign Policy?

Look for spinal muscular atrophy symptoms. Foreign Policy Of India (7th Edition) by V.N Khanna and Leslie K Kumar is one of the best book to study and understand Indian Foreign Policy from our independence till now. I will highly recommend you too buy this book and enjoy the interesting journey of India’s Foreign Policy.

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What are the best books on India’s International Relations?

Browse these 7 books that will walk you through the evolution of India’s international relations and help you contextualize its place in the world: In The India Way, S. Jaishankar, the country’s Minister of External Affairs, analyses the challenges of putting India on the path to becoming a leading power and spells out possible policy responses.

What is foreign policy of India?

Foreign policy is the instrument by which India intermingles with the world outside its borders. It has formulated foreign policy to smoothen the interaction with countries. The foreign policy of India has two main objectives:

Which book is better for study of Indian foreign policy for UPSC CSE?

Pax Indica is best book for comprehensive study about the India’s foreign policy. This is much awaited… Thank you. This is much awaited… Thank you. , There’s nothing better to do, than to read and learn. Which book is better for study of Indian foreign policy for UPSC CSE, ‘Pax Indica’ or ‘Does the Elephant Dance’? Honestly, none of them.