Who Is Ariana Grande crush on BTS?

Who Is Ariana Grande crush on BTS?

Turns out BTS are true Ariana Grande stans—and the feeling is mutual. The 7 rings singer is currently on her Sweetener tour and a very special guest attended her concert last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles: Jeon Jungkook. The two artists expressed their love for each other on social media.

Do Jungkook like Ariana Grande?

“I was really impressed by her stage presence. She’s a very small person, and the volume of her singing and what she was able to do was really moving, really impressive,” said Jungkook. “And it just seemed like something I wanted to emulate and learn from. It made me want to develop and continue to grow.”

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Is Jungkook a fan of Ariana?

The BTS singer is a huge fan of Ariana and it was one of his dreams to meet the singer. Back in May 2019, Jungkook got a chance to meet Ariana when he visited one of her concerts. It’s not only Jungkook but Ariana also loves to listen to BTS and is a huge fan of the boy band.

Is Ariana a BTS fan?

During BTS’ 2020 Grammys performance, the band posed for a picture with yet another trailblazing artist, Ariana Grande. Buzzfeed had also reported that Grande once told a fan that she was also a part of the BTS ARMY.

Is Ariana Grande meet BTS?

THROWBACK: When Ariana Grande GUSHED about meeting BTS; Called them ‘the most incredible’ In the lead-up to the Grammys in 2020, Grande shared a photo with the band via social media post meeting them at Grammy rehearsal.

Who Is Ariana Grande’s Blackpink bias?

I’m a kpop fan, and although Blackpink aren’t my favorite kpop group, they are the group that got me into kpop. My bias is Jisoo, and my bias wrecker is Jennie!

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Do BTS and Ariana Grande like each other?

Everyone has a preference when it comes to listening to a particular type of music. But the one that we cannot resist and will never come to hate is Ariana Grande and BTS. Not just us, but they admire one another’s work and are a fan. The BTS singer Jungkook is a huge fan of Ariana Grande, and back in 2019, May he visited her concert.

Did Ariana Grande bump into BTS at the Grammys rehearsal?

Late on January 22, Ariana posted a behind-the-scenes pic at the Grammys rehearsals to her social media accounts. “Look who i bumped into at rehearsal,” Ari captioned the photo, which featured herself and BTS, signing off with a smiley face.

Why did BTS’s justjungkook take a selfie with Ariana Grande?

Jungkook visited Ariana Grande’s Sweetener concert to see her. After the end of the show, he couldn’t keep calm, and so also just like any other fanboy moment, he took a selfie with her.

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Who is the guy next to Ariana Grande?

With Ariana Grande trending on Twitter and thousands of people falling in love V, BTS fans were quick to point out who ‘the guy next to Ariana in a white t-shirt’ actually is. So much so, that V’s real name, Kim Tae-hyung, began trending in 17 countries across the world…