Which country has highest Sindhi population?

Which country has highest Sindhi population?


سنڌي, सिन्धी,
Total population
c. 40 million
Regions with significant populations
Pakistan 32,923,590

How many Sindhi Hindus are there in India?

Sindhi Hindus

Total population
c. 7 million
Regions with significant populations
Pakistan 4,200,000
India 2,800,000

What is Sindhi famous?

Sindh is famous for its rich culture. But what makes the state distinctive and popular is its cuisine. Sindhi cuisine is great in taste, rich in flavour and is infused with aromatic spices. When it comes to food, some matches are made in heaven and Sindhis love their food which is evident from its preparation.

What is the population of Sindhi people in India?

Population of Sindhi’s in India is around 27 lakhs accoeding to 2011 census data. Majority i.e. 95\% live in central and western states of India. You can read detailed analysis with some interesting facts over here – How many Sindhis live in India?

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What is the population density of Sidhi district in India?

The initial provisional data released by census India 2011, shows that density of Sidhi district for 2011 is 232 people per sq. km. In 2001, Sidhi district density was at 188 people per sq. km. Sidhi district administers 4,851 square kilometers of areas.

What is the percentage of Kachchhi in Sindhi population?

According to government / census authority, Kachchhi (Kutchi) is a dialect of Sindhi and included in the total Sindhi population. As of 2011, there are around 10 lakh Kachchhi (27\%) and around 17 lakh Sindhis (61\%). There are small population of Sindhi’s who have identified other dialects like Bhatia.

How many Sindhi speakers are there in India?

As per the 2011 census of India, there are 2,772,364 Sindhi speakers in India. After the Partition of India, the majority of the minority Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan migrated to India, while the Muslim migrants from India settled down in Pakistan.