What to do if you are in love with a cartoon character?

What to do if you are in love with a cartoon character?

Find ways to remember your character.

  1. Reread or rewatch the parts of the book or show where your fictional love appears.
  2. Look for other ways to keep the character in front of you, whether writing your own fan fiction, or drawing the character so you can see him again.

Is having a crush on a cartoon character normal?

Lots and lots of us had cartoon crushes. What’s more, having those nascent infatuations is totally normal. “It happens all the time. Lang said that kids’ crushes on cartoon characters are a natural extension of imagination-based play that permeates so much of young development.

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Who is hottest cartoon character?

The Sexiest Cartoon Characters

  • Zelda from the “Legend of Zelda” video game.
  • Velma from “Scooby Doo”
  • Kim Possible from the Disney show.
  • Princess Peach from the Mario games.
  • Jessica Rabbit from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”
  • Elsa from “Frozen”
  • Tinkerbell.
  • Lois Griffin from “Family Guy”

How do you get over your fictional character?

Especially in visual fiction, many characters are portraying stereotypes of people. A good way to get over your character is to remember that he is just a representation of reality. Real people aren’t necessarily as perfect, or romantic, or witty, or uncomplicated (or whatever adjective you choose) as your fictional character.

How do you feel when your favorite character is killed off?

If your favorite character has been killed off, or written out of the fictional world, you’ll probably be angry. Let others know about it. You will be experiencing some extreme feelings, and sometimes it’s better just to let those out. Just be careful about spoilers when dealing with popular books, movies, or TV shows.

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How do you stop thinking about a character from a book?

Cut yourself off. This is good advice for ending relationships with real people too. If you want to stop thinking about and caring about someone, cut them out of your life. This will give you room to grow, and be able to live your life without them. Don’t read the books, watch the shows or movies, or do anything involving that character.

How can I express my love for a fictional character?

Write fan fiction. One way to express your love for a fictional character is to explore your feelings in writing. Create a story involving the object of your affection, and build a situation where the two of you finally meet.