What properties get landed on the most in Monopoly?

What properties get landed on the most in Monopoly?

Based on probability, the most commonly landed on Monopoly square (not counting Jail) is Illinois Avenue. It’s followed by Go, New York Avenue, B&O Railroad, Reading Railroad and Tennessee Avenue. The reasons for most of those is a mix between dice probabilities and where Chance cards send you.

What is the most valuable property in Monopoly?

Boardwalk is the second Dark Blue property in Monopoly, along with Park Place. It is the most expensive property on a standard Monopoly Board, and the highest in rent revenue. The name was inspired by the Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey and it is typically the most desired property in the US Monopoly game.

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What is the best Colour set in Monopoly?

When hotels are added, the Monopoly color set with the best ROI is the Light Blue set (Oriental Avenue, Vermont Avenue, and Connecticut Avenue), followed by the Orange set (St….ROI with hotels.

Color Set Average ROI for set (with hotels)
Dark Blue 127.3\%
Pink 123.7\%
Yellow 114.8\%
Brown 112.9\%

What are the green properties in Monopoly?


  • Regent Street/Pacific Avenue.
  • Oxford Street/North Carolina Avenue.
  • Bond Street/Pennsylvania Avenue.

What color is best in Monopoly?

Buy orange and red properties, as they are the most landed-on. Statistically speaking, the orange and red properties are the most landed-on colors during the game, according to Taylor. Focus on buying those to rack up the rents fees.

What are the Monopoly property colors?

List of Color Sets

  • Brown (formerly Dark Purple)
  • Light Blue.
  • Pink (Magenta)
  • Orange.
  • Red.
  • Yellow.
  • Green.
  • Dark Blue.

What Colour are the most expensive properties in Monopoly?

Blue Properties
The Blue Properties are the most expensive and famous in Monopoly. While they are expensive, they are actually cheaper to build Hotels on than the Greens, even the Reds and Yellows are higher.

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Are utilities good in Monopoly?

Now, are utilities of any use or good in monopoly? Yes they are. Services are a good take when it comes to monopoly. This is because they make your properties have more value and give them a x4 or x10 effect.

What color are Monopoly properties?

The houses and hotels are blue and silver, not green and red as in most editions of Monopoly.

What are the best properties to buy in monopoly?

The best properties to buy in Monopoly are the Oranges (New York Avenue, Tennessee Avenue, and St. James Place). The Orange properties are landed on most often as they are positioned 6, 8, and 9 squares after the popular Jail space.

What is the most common color in monopoly?

The Monopoly color set that is landed on most often is the Orange set (New York Avenue, Tennessee Avenue, and St. James Place). The three Orange properties are all in the top five most landed on properties (not including spaces like Railroads, Go, and Free Parking).

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How much does it cost to buy land in monopoly?

Tennessee Avenue Tennessee Avenue is one of the best spaces to own in the game. A lot of people land here. It costs $180 to buy. If you can get an orange monopoly, most suggest that this is one of the best ways to winning the game.

What is the ROI of Monopoly properties with no houses or hotels?

The following table shows the ROI for Monopoly properties with no houses or hotels: Without any houses or hotels, the ROI of all properties is low and you are unlikely to make a profit from any undeveloped properties, even in a long game. The property with the highest ROI when undeveloped is Boardwalk, which has an ROI of 12.5\%.