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What is it like being a student at Harvard?

What is it like being a student at Harvard?

Harvard students are generally intellectual, diligent, goal-driven individuals who are not afraid to go up to professors to ask questions or to just chat. My classmates tend to be extremely bright, engaged, analytical, and hard-working, and they have an incredibly wide variety of experiences and interests.

Is it worth studying at Harvard?

One of the main reasons why a Harvard degree is worth it is that you earned it from one of the most celebrated schools not only in the US but globally, too. However, it’s still way ahead of the rest of the Ivy Leagues as well as many other schools in the US in the 2020 rankings of national universities.

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Are Yale or Harvard students happier?

Overall, Yale seems to be a happier place to be. According to The Daily Beast’s latest ranking of the happiest colleges — based on student opinion data and retention rates — Harvard ranked #11 and Yale was #3. This one was almost too close to call. Both offer tons of clubs, ways to socialize, and house systems.

What is it like to go to Harvard?

Right off the bat, Harvard changes your life. An overwhelmingly busy lifestyle draws the students in the moment they enter the hallowed gates of the Harvard yard! From class mixers to dorm events to guest lectures, there’s never a dearth of activities for a Harvard student.

What happens in your second year at Harvard University?

In your second year, you’ll enter one of Harvard’s twelve residential colleges, where you’ll stay for the rest of your time at Harvard. Residential colleges are smaller communities within the Harvard campus that provide housing, dining, and shared spaces to their inhabitants.

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What is it like to live in a dorm at Harvard?

While mornings are busy time, night times at Harvard dorm kitchens are fun, since students have leisurely time to prepare meals with each other. Breakfast is also the class prep time, which involves checking emails regarding any class material, or reading notes. The first half of the day is mostly filled with classes.

How do Harvard students spend their time between classes?

Students sometimes spend the time between classes for homework or group meetings for class projects or papers. Lunches for Harvard students are either an extremely rushed social activity or busy study time. Mostly, working lunches fill up the Harvard student life. Oftentimes, lunch is even had during the class or while doing group meetings.