What happens if I dont pay TCS bond?

What happens if I dont pay TCS bond?

If you are not paying any compensation amount u will get blacklisted forever in TCS.

Can I break service agreement in TCS?

As you have quit the job even within 10 days of joining due to bad health conditions even before any training or other expenses could be incurred upon you by the TCS. So, though there is a bond signed by you but it is legally not justifiable to execute such bond and you need not pay any compensation.

What is TCS smart hiring package?

TCS Smart Hiring is exclusively for talented BSC and BCA students from the batches 2019, 2020 & 2021. Moreover, if you can perform exceptionally well in this TCS Smart Hiring, you will get an opportunity to join TCS Ignite Program – which is nothing but the company’s distinctive “Science to Software” program.

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What happens if I leave TCS before completing the bond amount?

Since its a bond means you are now bonded with the company . If you leave the company before completing the money then you will end up loosing you money . The company then will not pay back you the bond amount I have completed 9 months in TCS. Can I submit resignation now without paying the bond amount?

Why should I join TCS instead of CG?

TCS gives options to explore Digital domain with examinations for latest technology and good CTC. So its one capabilities to climb up within organisation. Experienced or Lateral Hires in Salary . TCS beats CG in most of the profile . TCS takes big leap compared to CG .

How much bond bond will I complete with 3 months notice period?

So with 3 months of notice period I will complete 1 year of bond Bonds/ agreements/ contracts to restrict an employee to leave employment before a particular period of time is void in terms of Section 27 of the Indian Contract Act.

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Is TCS better than CG for H1B?

TCS beats CG in most of the profile . TCS takes big leap compared to CG . Salary in TCS is also higher compared to CG in Europe , USA and AU region . lot of travel opportunity’s for freshers and lateral in TCS . No of H1B application is higher in CG . Both are service based MNC . Training Period for freshers . TCS beats CG .