What does a herald of Galactus do?

What does a herald of Galactus do?

The Heralds of Galactus are individuals imbued with a fraction of Galactus’ immense Power Cosmic in order to scour the universe in search of planets for Galactus to consume.

Is Cosmic Ghost Rider a herald of Galactus?

After endless years alone, Ghost Rider was found by Galactus, who agreed to make him his Herald in exchange for being allowed to devour Earth. And so he became the Cosmic Ghost Rider, and a Herald of Galactus. Now he’s the latest to join the roster in Marvel Contest of Champions!

Does Silver Surfer killed Galactus?

Under his own power, Silver Surfer cannot beat Galactus in a fight and there’s a good reason why: Galactus made him what he is and could, if he wanted to, take his powers away from him as easily as he gave them. He is about to kill Galactus, but is convinced instead to feed the devourer with his vast energies.

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What happened to the first Herald of Galactus?

However, the first Herald was taken out by Galactus’ ancient enemies Aegis and Tenebrous. Eventually, Galactus made his way to Zenn-La, a planet that he intended to absorb. However, one of the denizens, Norrin Radd, offered himself up to Galactus as a servant if the Devourer would spare his world.

Why did Norrin Radd go to Galactus?

Norrin Radd went to Galactus in the hope of sparing his planet of Zenn-La. Galactus agreed and Norrin became the first herald of Galactus, the Silver Surfer. Surfer help cause the destruction of many worlds and many civilizations.

What did the Silver Surfer do for Galactus?

As Galactus’ new herald, the Surfer was dedicated to finding uninhabited but energy-rich worlds for Galactus to consume. The Silver Surfer served Galactus for many years, during which Galactus gradually altered Norrin Radd’s mind.

What happened to Galactus’ Destroyer armor?

Though powerful, the Destroyer armor was far different from the sentient heralds that Galactus had previously employed. When the Destroyer was later stolen by Loki as part of one of his numerous schemes, Galactus did not try to regain the enchanted armor. Instead, he began seeking a new herald.